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Pureed food eaters?

Any pureed food only eaters still out there?  I know Zeke is actually an August baby, but I feel very behind in the eaten department.  We do get 3 'meals' a day, but everything pureed.  I don't know what to do.  We have done some puffs, mum mums, and yogurts melts, but that is as far as we have gotten and Zeke gags on those, too.

Any suggestions?  We have his 9m pedi appointment on Thursday so I am going to ask her opinion as well.

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Re: Pureed food eaters?

  • PaddyBPaddyB
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    no suggestions, but we were at the same point at 9 months, and still are relativley close to that.  Pretty much the only thing that has changed is that he doesn't gag on puffs anymore.  Also he ate a cracker this weekend.

    I brought it up with pedi just for confirmation, and she said that some babies don't get fully on "real" food until close to 18 months.  it really depends on the baby.


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  • We mostly do what you do. However, whenever Lola seems really interested in something that we are eating, we give her little pieces to play with. Eventually she'll get some in her mouth. Sometimes she gags and then we just mash whatever it is up a little more. It's a slow process, but we are getting somewhere. Today she tried a few bits of pork and a little piece of pickle. Good luck! FWIW, our pedi said it was fine to go at DDs own pace at her 9 month appointment. Food at this point is mostly just for fun! Smile


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  • Mostly purees here, too. Seamus just turned 10 months.

    He'll eat cheerios and mostly plays with the puffs. 

    We tried letting him feed himself some mashed potatoes the other night and that was more messy than anything else. Yay! Mashed potatoes in my hair! Yay!

    Tomorrow's new food is kiwi so I am going to cut up very small tidbits and see how he does. If I have to mash it further and spoon-feed him, so be it. He likes to grab the spoon, too, now, but can't really feed himself with it. 


  • Mostly purees for us, too.  I'll add chunks of tofu or a couple scoops of cooked quinoa, but that's about as chunky as he'll take it.  Weird because he LOVES puffs, Cheerios, pieces of bagel I pinch off, and pinches of cheddar cheese!  I've tried giving him big pieces of things, and he holds it in his mouth, gives me a weird look, and then drops it over the side of his highchair for the dog.  Sigh....
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  • We started doing more solids vs pureea when Elise turned 10 months, so I wouldn't feel behind at all! We started her off on puffs and things like you are doing! Your LO will get it soon I'm sure!


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  • Tyler is June 30 and just last week started eating non pured foods. It started on Mother's Day when he sucked on a sweet potato fry for the first time and little by little he's getting there.

    So while I disagree that kids will do everything [potty train, lose the paci, lose the bottle, etc.] when they're ready, the food thing is really just offering and letting them see you eat and when they're ready they'll do it. I've been offering puffs for 4 months and he just started eating them this week!!!
  • Dd learned with Cheerios.

    What pures does he really like? Have you tried those in a more solid form? Ie. sweet potato chunks, blueberries, steamed carrots.

    You can try breaking whatever you eat for dinner into little pieces. Sometimes babies are more interested when they see their parents having it too.
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  • Well you are a step ahead of us with puffs, those jut get hidden in the high chair or thrown over the side. Jack is all pures. I have tried all sorts of table food and it just gets played with but you put a sock in front of him and it goes right into the mouth. Some days I stress out about it and some days I am very chill. Like what PP said all I can do is offer table food and eventually the lightbulb will go off, hopefully! Just know you are not alone.

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  • I do more of a combination between BLW and purees. My baby loves to play with food while she's eating.  You should also try some different veggies and fruits and see what your baby likes. . I use very different fruits and vegetables which I get from here: http://goodmomming.com/ . I think it's a great resource for weaning.

  • No suggestions but you are not alone.  LO eats pureed foods and puffs only.  A couple of times I tried small finger nail sized pieces of food and she had a total melt down.  I put out small pieces on her tray during feeding but she only plays with them.  I am hoping that one day she will pick them up and actually eat them.  I made a comment to the pedi at her 9 month check up.  She said every baby devos differently and she will eat finger foods when she is ready.
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