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Hey ladies!

I've been a lurker/sort of poster on the June board, but I had my DS on May 23rd and since I never really joined in much on the June board I'm going to come over here.  Looking forward to getting to know all of you and your LOs!

ETA:  Guess I should say a little more about myself!  DH and I TTC for almost two years and had four losses before we finally got pregnant with DS.  I'm a nanny, he works in sports video.  Got induced at 38w1d on May 21st due to pre-e and after a very long and pretty traumatic labor, ended up with a c-section on May 23rd.  DS was 7lb 13oz, 19.25 in and he is so so perfect.  Sleeping right next to me right now and smiling in his sleep Smile

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4 losses: Natural m/c 8w 1/11, CP 12/11, CP 3/12, and our perfectly healthy baby girl Charlotte Grace, missed M/C 5/31/12 at 8w5d
DX: Endo, heterozygous MTHFR, low progesterone
Surprise unmedicated BFP 9/21/12!! Beta #1 9/22 (10 DPO) 46 Beta #2 9/24 (12 DPO) 226! Heartbeat 136 bpm at 7w! It's a BOY!  Theodore Joshua born 5/23/13 at 7:36am via c/s, 7lb13oz, 19.25in
TTC#2 5/14, BFP 8/15/14!  Beta #1 16 (11 DPO), Beta #2 71 (14 DPO) Beta #3 164 (16 DPO) Beta #4 633 (21 DPO) Beta #5 1487 (23 DPO) Heartbeat 121 bpm at 6w6d!  EDD 4/25/15

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