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Bloggers come in

I know this isn't really a craft, but I'm a total novice and I need help.

How can I make my blog pretty but keep it free? Are there any templates or designs I can download? I just want it to look more professional, but I know that might be impossible without paying for a domain and all. Thanks!





Re: Bloggers come in

  • I was blogging long before I ever even thought of having a baby. I'm not into coding or HTML type stuff, but I have a lot of fun designing my blogs. Here are my links:

    and my newest- the baby blog:

    our wee one

    I've found backgrounds and all kinds of fun stuff on sites like and

    I also use because I don't have Photoshop. 

    Feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions.  

  • TBN13TBN13

    I used Blogspot/Blogger for quite some time and really enjoyed it. I thought it was easy to use.  Unfortunately, google technically "owns" some of the content that you post and after finding that out I bought out my domain and use Bluehost. Also, I ran out of picture space on Blogspot and would have to purchase more via Picasa... so eventually I was going to be paying for *something.*  I also liked how I could make it private on Blogger... the only problem was rather than just giving everyone a generic password like my current blog is set up... you have to register your guests via email. That was a bummer. But I was (and still am) sketched about having my life on full blast. Kudos to everyone who isn't - that is awesome I wish I could be more like that!


    When I was using Blogger, I used their free template design software and that seemed to work well despite needing a few tweeks here and there. It was also really easy to switch over from Blogger to my new domain at Bluehost. :)


    Enjoy blogging!  

    If you are interested in seeing how mine is set up you can message me and I will set you up with access.  

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