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Ladies on pelvic rest

I know there a couple others out there. If you are on pelvic rest...

how long have you been on?

how much longer do you have before being checked again/released?

are you... Coughcough... Making up for no sex in other ways?


i can't even brush my teeth without gagging and everything else seems boring... my sex drive is in no go mode. Poor dh! I'm checked again at the end of July. 

Re: Ladies on pelvic rest

  • Pelvic rest here..

    Been on for 2wks however I really wasn't having a whole lot of sex before then but now that I am in second tri its been harder now I feel good. Now I miss being intimate with my husband Crying

    I am being checked again in about 6-7wks to see how its going.

    Right know we are not really doing anything else in place.. MH is working so so much OT and I am a bit more tired than ususal bc of my lack of sleep and no excersise

    Also nervous that by the time I get off pelvic rest i'll be back to worn out stage! Will I EVER have any sex again! Ahhh

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  • I got put on at 14weeks then rechecked at 20 weeks when I got taken off, and yes indeed we did other stuff to keep ourselves entertained during those 6weeks!

  • how long have you been on?

    Hi just got back from the doctor a few hours ago and was told to go on pelvic rest.

    how much longer do you have before being checked again/released?

    8weeks to be checked again.

    are you... Coughcough... Making up for no sex in other ways?

    Haven't got that far yet. DH was there when we were told no intercourse so if he wants it he'll have to think of something. :)


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  • I've been on pelvic rest for a month. They're going to re-evaluate at 20 weeks. 

    They said, no sex, no penetration with anything else (fingers), no tampons, no orgasms. So, we haven't been doing anything else to make up for the lack of sex. S.O. doesn't think it's fair for me to give him an orgasm when he can't reciprocate. 

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  • I have been on 5 weeks, I get checked in Thursday and it be be off then but could be another 20 weeks until I am full term. DH and I have avoided it cause we are both very sexual and I was told I can't O so needless to say no fun for me. I did give him birthday bj this morning and that was straight up sexy fail.
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