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1st bday gift

What do you give for first birthday gifts--toys, clothes, books, something else? We are going to a 1st bday party Saturday and I am trying to decide what to get.  I just wonder if something other than a toy would be better since it seems like kids get so many toys at bdays and Christmas. Thoughts? 

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  • I always appreciated when the kids got clothes for their first birthday. Also, bath toys or outside toys are always good. I don't think you can ever go wrong with books, puzzles, or craft activities either. 
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    Maybe since summer is just about here, something that can be played with outside?  A water table, a bubble mower, a sprinkler, a baby pool?  There are some really cute things on Amazon :) 

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  • It depends on the kid and the family. If I know the birthday child needs clothes I get clothes, if not I'd do toys. The last party I went to I made a hair bow holder to match the girl's bedroom. I knew her mom had really been wanting something and loved the one I had. I also got her some long, footed sleepers because that's all the LO sleeps in.

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  • I don't know if this is really rude, but my LO's birthday is coming up in July, and I was thinking about asking close family members (like my parents) to contribute to his college fund in lieu of gifts. The thing is, we already have more than enough toys for him, and I know people will buy him clothes for his birthday. Putting money in his college fund seems so much more practical (although I know most people would probably rather get him something more fun)...
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  • Lately we've done clothes and books. Mostly because the parents have mentioned having too many toys already.
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  • I'm going to one this weekend and am giving a book and an outfit.  My LO's birthday is right around the corner and her party will be small, so we probably won't get many gifts...but we really don't have room for any more toys!

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