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Repeat A/S: who else?

We had our A/S this morning. Everything they could see looked good, but the baby was in a weird curled up position and not moving around much so they couldn't get all the heart views they wanted. I am not worried since there was no indication of something being wrong, but we have to go back in three weeks.

Who else has to go back?

This is one stubborn babe...same thing happened with our NT scan!

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Re: Repeat A/S: who else?

  • I have to go every two weeks anyway for cervix check ups, but the same thing happened at mine.  They got everything but the heart valves.  She was SOO wiggly!!

    I didn't drink my coffee this morning with hopes that she would be still and cooperate, and she spent most of this appointment sleeping :)  So the last couple measurements could be taken, and everything looks good.

    I love seeing her so often!

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  • I have to go back for a 3rd time for the same reason.
  • Yup. My first A/S was on the 16th and baby was curled up tight against my spine so they couldn't see the heart or the face. Everytime we would try to get baby to move, LO would shoot out a little fist like "Hey, I'm trying to sleep here!" Just as stubborn and lazy as mama Smile
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  • When I was pregnant with my son I had to go back. They didn't get good enough pictures of his heart and wouldn't say much else, which freaked me out. Everything turned out fine and I got some fancy ultrasound pics of my son.
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  • We have to go back too. Baby girl had her back to us and the Dr couldn't get her to move to the side. She was kicking and punching the wand when he was trying to use it to get her to shift. I think they missed measurement of one arm, a heart shot and somethingelse that I ccan't remember. They're redoing the entire scan!

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  • We had to go back b/c they couldn't get measurements of the legs and there was indication of a possible club foot.  I went back 3 days later though and saw a different more experienced tech who was able to get all measurments and assured us there was zero indication of club foot.


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  • yea i had to go back, they didn't get a good picture of the heart. when we went back she was just as uncooperative! still didn't get a good pic, but the tech said she didn't see anything to worry about. 

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  • We go back two weeks from Thursday because my tech was 80% sure it was a boy.  He was balled up really far down with his legs squeezed together and the cord between his legs. 

    I was just going to try to wait until my next scheduled u/s at 28 weeks, but I couldn't go that long without knowing for sure.  How would I get cute baby stuff???  I need a picture of the weiner!

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  • AjoydAjoyd
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    I love seeing her so often!

    This is exactly why I don't mind the repeat trip, especially since there is no reason yet to think something might be wrong :)

    My placenta is also on the lower side, but nothing to be done at this point (not even pelvic rest thankfully!) and she is hopeful it will move up.

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  • hendy02hendy02
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    i had a repeat A/S with DD bc they couldn't get measurements on everything.  i was just excited to have another ultrasound!   with this LO, though, they got everything they needed, womp womp.  :)   onto the ultrasound dry spell...

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  • Had to have 3 with DD to get the spinal cord and heart.
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  • Same thing here chica! We had ours last Thursday and the baby was just curled up in a ball, chilling. Hahaha so we are rescheduled for this Thursday. Hopefully LO moves a little bit so they can get the heart measurements and we can find out team pink or team blue!

  • LizC216LizC216
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    With my daughter, I had to go back a 2nd and then a 3rd time. They couldn't get a good picture of the spine or the fourth chamber of the heart. The second trip back, they got a measurement of her spine, but couldn't get a good picture of the heart. Not going to lie, I was kind of worried, but everything turned out fine and getting to see her during these extra ultrasounds was a bonus.

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  • I'm going back for part 2 tomorrow. My A/s was 3 weeks ago but she was sleeping and after walking, peeing and everything she still wouldn't move for the full spine measurement. I'm not worried though, the tech said she saw most of the spine and it looked fine, but in order to sign off, she needed to see the full thing.

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  • We were almost going to have to repeat, she wanted him to flip over to get a spine measurement.  Instead of scheduling another a/s she had me try walking and jumping around a bit and it worked!  My hubby said it looked like he was bracing himself against the uterine walls after the jumping - he was all stretched out!
  • I go back at 28 weeks. They were unable to get a picture of her face nose And mouth.
  • I have to wait four weeks because they couldn't get a close enough view of the heart. We were able to hear it fine, but weird positioning to zoom in enough. I'm 20 weeks now, so will go back at 24. I scheduled an elective sex determination appointment at another clinic for Friday so we and our families don't have to wait so long to know the sex. We're dying to plan nursery, register, name the babe and would like to know the sex for that reason. Come on Friday!!
  • I had A/S last Saturday and I'm going back next Tuesday. Baby had something to watch in his brain and his kidneys. I'm so nervous/scared about this.
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  • I'm going back Friday (2 weeks after A/S) and am kinda nervous.  My doctor specifically said "no red flags" and "don't lose sleep" but then referred me to a specialist at a genetics center and their protocol is 45 minutes of genetic counseling with the appointment.  So if it's no big deal why do I need 45 min of counseling?!!?  We'll find out Friday!
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