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update - LO had his sugery

I have not been posting much at all because life with two kids is a huuge adjustment for me, also because LO had his surgery last Thursday at exactly one month old.

Don't know if anyone remembers but when DS2 was born I posted about how he had testicular torsion and they had done an ultrasound and found that his right testicle had no blood flow and was not salvageable at all. 

Well after a few visits to the pediatric urologist, he finally had the surgery to remove the right testicle and tack the left into place to prevent it from twisting as well.

The surgery went well, I was a wreck though, of coarse. He went under general anesthesia and they let me go into the recovery room as soon as he was starting to wake up. It was hands down the hardest part of this whole process. He was inconsolable. Screaming and screaming. He would not take my breast or even take a second to catch his breath. (He ended up not breastfeeding until several hours later - holy engorgement!) I was hysterical and the nurses were offering to give him morphine!! They had originally told me he should not be in too much pain when he wakes up, just cranky from the anesthesia. So the fact that they wanted to give him morphine scared the heck out of me. I refused it and asked for Tylenol instead.

After that, things got much better. He's back to himself now. Just caring for stitches and trying to keep poop off of them as much as possible! He's my little champ and I am so glad to have this over with! Thanks to everyone for the T&Ps when I had originally posted.

Also, he smiled today (three different times!!) Quality's terrible, but I captured it!



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Re: update - LO had his sugery

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