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successful ways to introduce finger foods

Good morning all! I have been attempting to introduce finder foods to lo for about the past month, with close to no success. I've tried apples, little pasta, puffs, and he can pick it up no problem, but would prefer to squish it. I've tried putting on a spoon, me feeding him a bite first, giving him wait time to play with it, making sure he wasn't thirsty first, leaving out a sippy cup. All to no avail, any ideas? He's also been protesting purees in spurts for the past 2 weeks due to teething.
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Re: successful ways to introduce finger foods

  • Just let him play first. He may squish it between his fingers, rub it all over the tray, throw it in the floor, etc, but food is a learning experience. He has to investigate first before he eats it. We started with finger foods at 6 months, and by the time he was 8 months, he'd really gotten the hang of it, and actually got most of the food in his mouth.

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  • Something that helped my DS was sitting with him and me feeding myself from his tray. So I would make sure DS was watching me, then pick up a puff [or whatever], methodically put it in my mouth, and make "nom nom" sounds while chewing it. After a while he would start doing it too...along with the adorable nom nom sounds! :]
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