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Late June Moms

How is everyone doing? The excitement is killing me with all of these cute little babies and it's not even June yet! I'm beginning to wonder if I could turn into a July mom... Just thought I'd check in with the end of the month ladies.

When is your due date?

Are any of you still working?

Mine is June 22nd....I'm still teaching. My plan is to teach until June 13th (last day of school) if all goes well!

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Re: Late June Moms

  • Due June 21

    Still working- I plan to work until I'm in labor because I want as much time as possible with Baby.


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  • I'm due June 30.

    I'm working until I go into labor.
    But I have a sit down office job so I'm not too worried about that. haha

    I just want this baby to make it to term (I still have 2 weeks).
    He dropped a couple weeks ago (I know this doesn't exactly mean anything) and I'm super paranoid that he will come really early and not be able to leave the hospital with me.
    Other than that, I don't care when he shows up. The closer and closer it gets, the more excited me and DH become.


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  • majwv8majwv8
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    I'm due June 29th. So still over 4 weeks away. I still keep thinking this will be a July baby too. Although Sunday, I felt a lot of contractions but pretty sure just BH.

    I'm also a teacher and Friday was our last day so summer gas officially started! I'm in a doctoral program and am going to hopefully squeeze in a class in June so that and last minute organizing fir the baby will make the next few weeks go fast!

  • LBeez13LBeez13
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    I'm due June 27th and I am so excited that we are about to finally be in June!! I think this month will drag out as we get closer but I am getting really excited. My husband's birthday is July 1st so he is hoping to share a birthday with our little one. I on the other hand am ready when the baby is ready!

     I am also a school counselor and my contract goes until the  28th of June so I will be working until I go into labor. Luckily the students will be out of school on June 6th so my work should really slow down.

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  • WhitWedWhitWed
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    My original due date was June 28th so my RCS was scheduled for June 21st! However, I'm already measuring full term with a large baby due to polyhydramnios so it will likely get moved up into mid-June for possible placenta issues.  But, this is my last week of work and I plan to go on bedrest so that I can keep him in as long as possible for full organ development. It's a waiting game!
  • June 25th

    Not working but only because my job is closed for the summer (woo, on campus jobs)

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  • June 23.......my last day of work is June 16 but I'm working reduced hours.

    It is so hot in Atlanta already. I just feel like swamp thing. I'm annoyed everyone keeps saying "Oh! You're not gonna make it!" STFU!
  • LiLi23LiLi23
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    I'm due the 25th.  If this goes the way it did with my daughter, I'll be a July mom for sure.  (I was induced with her a day shy of 41 weeks.)  But who knows! 

    I'm still working.  I'm planning on working up until the Friday before my due date, so the 21st.  I sit at a desk all day, and while my chair isn't the most comfortable thing in the world, I'm still sitting, you know? 

    The end of June will be here before we know it, though!


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  • image hannahmp:

    How is everyone doing? The excitement is killing me with all of these cute little babies and it's not even June yet! I'm beginning to wonder if I could turn into a July mom... Just thought I'd check in with the end of the month ladies.

    When is your due date?

    Are any of you still working?

    Mine is June 22nd....I'm still teaching. My plan is to teach until June 13th (last day of school) if all goes well!


    Due on June 26, OB bumped me to June 25 and induction is set for June 18th due to diabetes and being on insulin since 1st trimester.

    I am still working and will work up until June 17th.  I would sit at home and be so bored.  

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  • June 21 here. I stopped working when we moved to a new town. It wasn't worth it to get settled in a new place being pretty pregnant. I'm a massage therapist so I just thought I would wait until after baby comes. Money is tight but worth it to stay home with DS and not be massaging with a big belly.
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  • melOHdymelOHdy
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    June 25th here. This weekend marked 1 month until our due date!

    I'm still working, and plan to the whole time. I was taken down to shorter hours though because my doctor felt I was showing signs of prepree and thought the stress of work wasn't good for me.
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  • MissDeiMissDei
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    When is your due date? June 30

    Are any of you still working? Yea. I work for a college and will work on campus til this Friday. Will finish out and work from home until my due date or I deliver, whichever comes first. Some days it hurts so bad to walk, so I'm relieved to be working from home starting next week. I am almost wondering if I'll go slightly early...for whatever reason, I have a feeling I'll deliver right around my due date if not sooner. But time will tell!
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  • Due June 21st, and still working. I'm planning on working up until I go into labor due to a craptastic leave policy here. 
  • I'm due June 28th.

    Im a SAHM, so I'm never off ;) I worked to the day I gave birth with DS though. 


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  • I'm due June 21st.

    I'm also a Teacher and our last day of school is June 21st! I plan on stying until the end, we'll see what happens.

    I'm getting anxious and excited!!

  • btsrc5btsrc5
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    I am due June 25. 

    I will work until I go into labor

    As of last week, I am officially further along than I made it with DD, so I am really happy.  I am hoping this one stays in for at least another couple weeks, but the longer the better!

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  • kgb-13kgb-13
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    June 25 here.  I'm totally caught up in all the cute babies!  I'm 36w today but I want this little girl nice and well done before she comes out.

    I'll keep working until the end, barring some unforeseen event! 

  • I'm due the 27th.

    And I'm a SAHM so I'm always working Stick out tongue

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    I'm due 6/23 and having a RCS 6/21. I doubt I'll go into labor earlier, I was 41w1d when DS was basically evicted. I never went into labor with him! I'm still working and will continue to do so until my last day which is 6/15. I'm only part time so its not horrible, and then I will have about a week home to spend some quality time with my little guy alone for the last time before we are a family of 4!!!! Some days it seems so close and other days its still so far away!!!!
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  • June 23 but I'm at risk of having to be induced at 39 weeks. I'm done working and will be a SAHM.  Can't wait!


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  • Due June 23.

    My last day of work is June 6 so that I have some time to get done all those little things I've been meaning to do but haven't quite had time.

    LO feels super low already and my energy level has dropped off to almost non existent makes it hard to chase around the other 2.5 yo exuberant little guy here at home.
  • jlaOKjlaOK
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    Due June 23rd I'll be working until I go into labor, although my productivity level has started to diminish (sorry boss). I've started to feel really uncomfortable, but nothing to indicate labor (not that I'm ready for her to come yet). I was induced with DS on my due date, so I'm kind of expecting her to be late too.
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  • I'm due June 28th my ticker is a couple days off. I plan on working up until my water breaks!

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  • I'm due June 26th but we're scheduling a C section this Friday for probably 39 weeks so not too much longer for me!

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  • Due June 21st and I'm a SAHM, so still working. :)  DD1 was due June 28th and was born July 9th.  I was literally the last June 2011 mom to give birth.  As long as I'm not the last one this time, I will be okay.  However, our deductible (we have a high deductible) resets on July 1st, so baby boy really needs to make an appearance in June.  Lol.
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  • June 25 here.

     I'm in the office till I go into labor or my doctor pulls me out.  If she hasn't showed up by July 2 she will be induced.  But at my appointment on Thursday she was measuring 2 1/2 weeks ahead and was fully dropped.  She thinks that 38 weeks might be a better estimate for when I can expect to have a baby, but there are no promises, I could still be late.  I'm fine as long as she waits until 38 weeks.

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  • Hi, everyone! Joining late to these boards but am enjoying trying to catch up on all your posts.

    I'm a FTM due June 29th with a boy.

    I'm a lawyer and will be working until I go into labor or we evict him post DD. I too have the feeling I'll have a July baby... Sigh. We're getting so excited about meeting our little man though!

  • Due June 26

    RCS scheduled June 24

    Last day of work is June 21


    Baby list got a lot checked off this past weekend but there is still a lot left to do - mostly things that don't directly relate to baby but projects I want done before baby arrives. 

  • ehnastoehnasto

    Due June 30.

    Still currently working but if DS doesn't show up early I am going to stop working June 26 to give myself the last few days I will ever be alone to do WHATEVER I WANT!

    I really just wish he would get here NOW! I am tired of being swollen and am getting to the point where putting socks on for work may just never happen again. I understand that he should really stay in there for at least another two weeks but I think I'm just having a bit of a tough go at it the last few days.

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