Sex after c section

My doctor was very clear about six weeks being the window for sex. I'm 2.5 weeks pp and finding that I'm more in the mood now than ever before. Is six weeks the common recommendation, and does anyone know why that is?

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Re: Sex after c section

  • Congratulations on being in the mood at 2.5 weeks but I encourage you to hold out until the 6 week mark. First off, you are RECOVERING from surgery. Secondly, it takes up to six weeks for your uterine walls to repair from where the placenta used to be. Just keep things ''no man's land'' for now to greatly decrease the risk of infection.
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  • We did the deed, very gently, at 4 weeks post csection it was fine for me but 2.5 weeks? That might be pushing it a bit. Maybe try some other things that doesn't involve actual intercourse?
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  • We also waited till about 4 weeks post c-section.  If you wanna do it I say go for it. 
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  • I think it would be very stupid to have sex because you feel like it. You are recovering from a major surgery and even though you didn't have a vaginal delivery, your body has been through a lot in the past 9 months. Sure, there are stories of people have sex within a couple weeks of delivery and nothing happened, but be aware something COULD happen.

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  • I think more than anything it caught me off guard that I'm even interested. DH has been pretty wonderful in the not asking department, so I don't really anticipate any change in our current status, I was more just looking to see when other people have gone back to it.

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  • We normally waited until about 5w.  I'm 2w1d out and I've been ready for the past week or so (but I was a surrogate, so I'm not taking care of a baby 24/7).  We always used condoms before getting the official "ok" just to keep DH's semen out. 

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  • We waited 5 weeks. I think you should give yourself time to recover to reduce the chances of an infection.
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  • My doctor said to wait 6 weeks.  You need to make sure you are fully healed.  The last thing you want is to get an infection.
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  • Hold off sister..... An infection post csection would not be fun.


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  • my doctor recommends 8 weeks and it was worth the wait even though i was in the mood by week 3. cause it didn't hurt at all and was really enjoyable at the 8 week line
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  • I did at 3 weeks using protection and was fine. No bleeding or any pain afterwards. At my check up appt I had mentioned that I had been working out a lot and having sex and he didn't seem phased at all and said, good for you, everything's great, see you in 6 months. 

    Just be mindful of your body and how you are feeling. That's my advice.  


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  • I had.my two week appt yesterday and sex is still on the restricted list, although to be honest, I'm way to tired to want it right now anyway.

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