Using pumped BM

So I have been pumping BM to get a stash for when I head back to work. I have been freezing most of it. But a couple times a week I pump into a Medula bottle and put it in the fridge and my husband feeds the baby. (Doctor told us to do this so baby would not refuse to take a bottle) Well the other day I took out a bottle filled a measuring cup with warm water put the bottle in to warm the milk up. It was probably in there for 5-7 min. I put some on my hand to see if it was warm enough and then licked it off my hand and it tasted really bad!! I smelled the milk in the bottle and it smelled odd, so I tasted more and sure enough it was really nasty. So I pumped milk and tasted it right after I pumped it and it tasted fine, nothing like what the bottle had tasted like. So tonight again I put BM in warm water to have DH feed the baby and it had that smell and I tasted it and it was gross!! What am I doing wrong? Y does it taste so bad after I warm it up in the water?? How do you warm it, and how long? TIA
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Re: Using pumped BM

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