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Help with weaning...clogged duct

I have been slowly weaning for 2 weeks.  I got down to one feeding this past week and was only getting 3 oz or so out anyway, so yesterday I didn't express at all.  I haven't felt engorged, but around 5pm noticed I am starting to develop a clogged duct on one side.  I am surprised because I don't think I'm really producing much of anything at all  at this point.  My question is, should I try to pump it out (which is what I would do if I weren't weaning) or should i just leave it alone?  Will it dissolve itself over time?  I am not in excruciating pain yet...



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Re: Help with weaning...clogged duct

  • I EP'd for 7 weeks but because of insanely low supply I stopped 5 weeks ago.  I just went cold turkey because I wasn't producing any, but I noticed a hard lump/possible clogged duct too.  I took a hot a shower and massaged the bejeezus out of it in the shower, then pumped one last time and it resolved itself.  that's just what worked for me, good luck!

  • I would massage and maybe try to hand express a little. A heating pad or a hot shower can help.
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  • Massage it out and I would express one last time. If you leave the duct clogged, it can turn into mastitis, in which case you would be stuck expressing constantly all over again to get the ducts clear and bacteria out. Its the fats in the stagnant milk that cause you to clog, even if you have a small amount of milk there. Just take your weaning super slow. My LC advised weaning over a 3-6 week period of ducts get clogged to help avoid an intention.
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