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using soap down there..?

Sorry if this is TMI.  I'm two weeks post partum and had quite a few stitches down there.  The nurses in the hospital told me no soap in that area until my 6 week checkup with my OB. Anyone else's doc say no soap for 6 weeks?  I feel gross..
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Re: using soap down there..?

  • That's very strange. My doctor told me to be careful when cleaning down there. She told me no loofah just try and use a bar of soap because its not rough. Idk if that helps.
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    Yeah, I don't recall not being able to use soap down there after I had my other two kids.  Six weeks seems like an awfully long time to not use soap. I'd call the OB just to confirm that!
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  • I was told no soap on my csection incision until I at least had my staples removed. I get them taken out tomorrow. Idk if its the same for down there though.
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  • My dr said to be sure to use frangrance free soap because fragrances are more irritating.
  • Im a little past 2 weeks and I wasnt told anything about no soap. They said to just be careful when washing.

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  • Never heard of no soap and had no issues either time with my tear and stitches
  • I was given frag free soap and soft cloths to use at home.

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  • Like a pp, I am a week pp and was never told no soap.
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    I was not told anything about to not use soap. But I do not use soap down there regardless bc of risk of yeast infection. I have a detachable shower handle head and I use that to get water there and clean it well. If soap happens to get down there then so be it but I do not intentionally scrub down there.

    If you were given a squirt bottle to take home maybe you could fill it with soapy water and squirt it on yourself.

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  • I didn't use soap for a full week just on preference, but I wasn't told not to.  I didn't tear or have stitches, but it felt like I had a million papercuts.  I did take frequent short baths with warm water and I purchased a few packages of flushable scent free wipes for myself.  It helped calm the burning and I felt a lot cleaner.
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  • My doctors advised me to put a few drops of the Johnson and Johnson head to toe baby wash in my peri bottle to help with cleaning down there.
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  • I dont understand no soap?  How will you clean it and prevent infection?

     I was told no rubbing of my incision, but to let the soapy water run over it while in the shower.  Just to be careful not to pull the tape off.

    I would def call and confirm because that doesnt sound sanitary.

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  • I was also told no soap until I felt healed enough to wipe instead of pat dry after using the bathroom. midwife said to clean with witch hazel and use the peri bottle. Also to soak the area in a sitz bath. She said I could use an antibacterial numbing spray if the stitches were really bothering me. For the record I did not get an infection in my stitches but I only had a minor 1st degree tear and a couple stitches.
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  • thanks for the advice! six weeks seemed like an awful long time!  I'll probably try some fragrance free soap like some of you suggested, but I'll also call the OB just to check.
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  • Didn't your doc/hospital send you home with a Sitz bath to do 2-3x/day for 10 days? It's a little tub that you place on the toilet seat and it squirts warm soapy water onto your vagina area. It provides relief and prevents infections
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