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Laughing and Blowouts

OK two questions.  One is that my DD is not really laughing yet.  For those of you that have babies that are, when did that start?  She is experimenting with different sounds and sometimes makes a hehe sound like a short giggle but no consistent laugh at all. 

Secondly, we have up the back blowouts with probably every other poo.  I have tried Pampers and Huggies and part of it is that she sleeps mostly in the swing at this point but it is getting ridiculous.  Does anyone else have this issue or has anyone solved this?  I am sick of the poopy laundry! :)

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Re: Laughing and Blowouts

  • DD still doesn't really laugh. I'm not sure how old you LO is. DD grins so big and looks like she wants to laugh just doesn't. We don't have poo problems but we CD so I'm not sure about sposies. Maybe they're too small?
  • DD will be 6 months in less than a week, and she still doesn't laugh very often.  DH can sometimes get her to laugh by making TONS of silly noises and kissing her neck, but other than that she just smiles a lot.  In the last few days we've caught her laughing at the dog randomly, especially if he's wagging his tail and it's in her reach on the floor!

    No diaper advice from me since we CD... 


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  • Thanks ladies, that makes me feel better.  DD is going to be 20 weeks this Sunday.  I mobile bump now so I cant change my ticker. :)
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  • DS still hasn't really full on laughed yet. He giggles and smiles but we haven't had what I'd consider a real laugh. He'll be 19 weeks tomorrow. I don't have any advice on the blowouts ... we use Pampers Swaddlers and have never had that happen (knock on wood).
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  • I am sick of the poop laundry as well.

    DD is in pampers swaddlers and every time, every single time, R is in the exersaucer somehow the poop gets shoved up the back. Every time.

    I had no advice.
  • I think the swing is the culprit. I notice that is always the case for us. It may partially be diaper too small?
  • image Rochacha2013:
    I think the swing is the culprit. I notice that is always the case for us. It may partially be diaper too small?

    I was gonna say the diaper may be too small. That's when LO really leaks or has a blow out.
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  • LO hasn't laughed yet either.  My first was laughing all the time around 3 months, but just a chuckle once from this little guy, directed at DS1 of course!  I'm looking forward to real laughs too.  I'd go up a size on the diapers.  We just started using Luvs after someone gifted us a pkg.  I never would have bought them myself, but they work better than the Huggies and seem to come up higher.



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    DS has done a few little laughs, but it's unusual and I don't think he's ever done it at me.

    We haven't had a blowout in cloth diapers, knock on wood.
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  • LO laughed just before 4 months, but didn't do it often til 5 months. We CD, so I've never had poop go up the back. They sell reusable diaper covers at Walmart that you could put over the disposable in the day. I used a cover over disposables when we were travelling and I got poop on the covers a few times, but never on the clothes.
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  • DD has TONS of blow outs lately. The last time she had a bunch of them in a row, where she had them out the leg and up the back, we figured out it was time to go up in size. We have her in the kimono style wrap and snap top with pants so undressing is easier wheb needed.  We figure she's been between sizes for about a month because the blow outs have returned almost daily. Most times, she gets it on us rather than her own clothing though. (We are in Pampers)
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  • We don't get a lot of blow outs, so I don't know if this will help, but my kid is a pee machine and was leaking through everything.  We just moved to cloth, but before that we had such good success with Target diapers.  Even more so than Pampers, which were just okay... The plus side is they're hella cheaper than Pampers or Huggies.

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