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   Are there any runners out there? I have completed quite a few half marathons and one full marathon. I do 10Ks and long runs regularly. The past year I've been hanging out around 5 or 6 miles. I got pregnant right after I registered for my most recent half marathon in August, I will be 4 months at that time. I have not been able to chat with my OB yet since I won't see her for another month and I've been on a training schedule since the mileage is low. If I haven't felt good I've just cut my run to a walk or skipped it. Anyone have experience trying to maintain a training schedule while newly pregnant? I'm not opposed to walk/running or if I really don't feel up to it I'm not opposed to bowing out but I'd love to hear form someone who maybe had a similar situation?

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Re: Runners?

  • I did a half marathon when I was just a couple of months pregnant and that was tough, I still ran the entire thing but was a bit slower and found it difficult to breath. After that my longest runs were 15km, but I maintained doing about 70km per week, and have done 6 races since the half, all 10kms. Now I am 37 weeks and running 40km per week, but early in the morning because it is getting hot out. I would suggest going by how you feel in August, if it is really hot out I would really be careful, or see if there is a 10km race associated with the same race. Good for you mama and keep it up! I am sure you already know, but there are so many benefits to you and baby if you can keep going at whatever your pace is!







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    I did but I had to really slow it down. My half was nothing like I had envisioned before finding out that I was pg but if I wanted to complete it, I knew I had to be smart about it and take care of my baby. I think you are fine to continue with your training program (as long as you are having a normal pregnancy) but you need to do what you have been doing and listen to your body and slow down when needed. I also think that it matters where you are in your training, like at the beginning or towards the end in mileage.


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  • During pregnancy 1, I ran a half at 18 weeks. During this pregnancy, I ran a full at 8 weeks and a half at 17 weeks. All of these races have been MUCH slower than my nonpregnant races, but handling the distance itself, for me, was manageable. Both training and racing during pregnancy required me to be very respectful of my body's changing limits. Make sure to hydrate well, walk or rest when you need it, run what's comfortable instead of what your watch says should be comfortable, and if your body says no, respect that. I wish you luck!
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  • I did a full when I was 8 weeks pregnant with my first and I think I could do a half.  You could always run/walk if you don't feel up to it.  But, I had ridiculously easy pregnancies and ran 5 days a week (and did a decent 5K my 9th month both times) until I was in the hospital.  I think it's all about listening to your body.  
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  • I did two half marathons this pregnancy, one at 29ish weeks and one at almost 38. They were both incredibly slow, but I had fun. Just listen to your body and adjust your pace as needed. And, of course, make sure your OB is aware of what you're doing.
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    I did two half marathons this pregnancy, one at 29ish weeks and one at almost 38. They were both incredibly slow, but I had fun. Just listen to your body and adjust your pace as needed. And, of course, make sure your OB is aware of what you're doing.

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    I ran through my pregnancy with the approval from my OB. My mileage and pace cut over time. I can't wait to get back to it post-baby! :)
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    I did a half at 16 weeks and took it really slowly.  My run pace was pretty easy and I walked when I needed to (it was really hilly and humid) and still enjoyed it. 
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  • Similar situation.  I was supposed to run a half marathon in the beignning of May when I was a little over 20 weeks.  I ended up not running it.  The main reason was because I was so sick and tired during the first trimester just getting through the work day was tough for me so I had no energy to keep up my running.  I basically took about 12 weeks off until around week 16 when I started feeling better.  I am now 25 weeks and still running (its starting to become a run/walk because my bladder can't handle much more bouncing) but I never got my mileage back up to be able to run a half marathon while pregnant.  I have  run a few 5ks at a jogging pace once I started running again.  With that said, if I hadn't felt bad during the first trimester and had the energy to keep up my running, I would have run the half marathon.  I am an avid runner and before having to take about 12 weeks off from exhaustion, I was running around 30 miles/week.  Hope that helps!!

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  • I found out I was pregnant in January 2011 and was thinking of doing a half marathon in March.  I didn't sign up for it, since I had no idea what the first trimester had in store for me, but I did start training.  Unfortunately it sold out before I could sign up, so I just kept training as though i was going to run it.  Obviously this situation is different in several aspects, since I wouldn't have been quite as far along as you and I didn't end up running, but I was definitely able to keep up the training during my first trimester.  Like the others, my pace definitely slowed down, but I didn't have an issue with mileage, as long as I stayed hydrated.
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  • I did a half marathon at 20 weeks last pregnancy. I'll probably do another one at some point during this pregnancy. I was just building my mileage back up post-injury when I got my BFP on Monday. Looking for an early fall race so the weather isn't too hot.

    My pace slowed down as my pregnancy progressed last time. Just run how you feel, don't push too hard. As others have said, stay hydrated. I think I took one walk break and one pee break during the actual race.

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  • I too am a really avid runner having completed several half marathons and ran everyday with mileage varying based on what I was training for.  Unfortunately, when I got pregnant, my little guy would not let me run after 7 weeks pregnant.  I could get to about a half mile and would get crazy cramped up, so I have not been able to run.  I still try to take walks often, but am really really missing running.  I can't wait to start up again after he is born in August!!!!
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