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Rolling stomach to back

DS is a pro at rolling from his back to his stomach. He will do it within moments of being placed on the floor. He can hold a seated position when placed in a sitting position and will try to scoot along. He does the full baby push up on his stomach with his weight supported on his hands and tries to swim on his stomach. However; he simply will not try to roll from his stomach to his back. He will just dig his face into the ground and cry when he gets tired.

Any ideas on how to encourage rolling from front to  back?


Re: Rolling stomach to back

  • No advice but my DD is the same way and actually resisits me when I try to roll her back to her back whenon her stomach, yet she makes no true attempt to roll and just has a meltdown into the carpet.  I am interested to hear other responses.
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  • I think it's an age thing... I know she CAN roll belly to back, but she rarely does.  She just likes playing on her belly, especially now that she can scoot around a bit.  Maybe they just find it boring to be on their backs haha...

    I'm willing to bet that your LO could roll that way if he wanted to.  But if you're trying to encourage it, maybe hold a toy up in the air to his left or right, and slowly move it over his head (so it leaves his sight) - if he's trying to watch it go over his head, maybe it'll help him flip over.  (Doing the opposite of this is how we got DD to start rolling back to belly). 


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  • My LO did this for at least a month before she figured out she can fix herself and roll tummy to back. She would literally lay with her face flat on the floor when she got tired. Hope yours learns how to do this soon! It's frustrating!

  • I think it'll happen. LO has done it a handful of times but will immediately try rolling onto his stomach from his back.
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  • My LO waited a long time before rolling belly back. We tended to put her on the playmat all the time but once we started putting her on a large blanket on the floor she started to barrel roll all over the room.

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