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What would you do?

I will be 36.5 at due date. Mat21 test came back negative. No family history of muscular dystrophy/ cystic fibrosis. Would you do an amnio for peace of mind for all the other genetic abnormalities?

Re: What would you do?

  • I personally wouldn't think of doing one since there is a 1 in 200 chance of disturbing the pregnancy. To me, those are too great of odds. Unless there was a necessary reason (ie, other tests were abnormal), I wouldn't do it. 
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  • Nope. I know someone that miscarried after an amnio at 16 weeks bc the fluid continued to leak out.
  • I personally wouldn't do it
  • Nope...the Mat21 is a non-invasive test for the same things with 96-99% accuracy.  Amnio carries to high a risk of miscarriage.  We went with Mat 21 and are trusting the results.
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  • No, there are enough blood and ultrasound tests available that I wouldn't do an amnio unless one of those tests came back showing a high chance of defect. You can check with a high risk obgyn to see what other noninvasive tests are available, if it would set your mind at ease.
  • If materniT21 is clear I'd stop testing. You have a healthy baby inside. Congrats!

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  • We are the same age. Is this your first? It is mine. I only did the nt scan. MaterniT21 was going to cost 500 so I didn't do it. I haven't heard anything in regards to my tests/scan and they said no news is good news. I would NOT do amnio unless it was required later in pregnancy. No way!!! Please keep me posted how things go with you. I'm happy to see someone my age on here who can relate to the stress. Best wishes!
  • Yes, this is my first. Although I got great news from MaterniT21 there are still other abnormalities out there. That's the peace of mind that an amnio can help with, but of course it comes with risks.
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    No. I don't think it's necessary.
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    No I wouldn't.  We went with the NT and the Verifi test which is the same at Mat21 and everything was negative.  I'm 43 and trusting that the Verifi test is all I need.
  • I am 37 and had a normal Materni T21 test. We decided to trust the results due to the accuracy and the fear of the more invasive tests.

    It really is up to you. If your history makes you uncomfortable and you feel like the peace of mind it will give is worth the risk, then you should do it.
  • No I wouldn't do the amnio unless it was medically necessary.  In your case no I don't think it is.
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    We are not doing an amnio because of the risk involved, it's not a risk worth taking for us. We felt ok after our NT scan results, and I'm young with a healthy family history.
  • for me, the risk of something being wrong after the Mat21 came back negative seem insignificant as opposed to the risk of miscarriage from an amino test.

    36.5 is not unheard of for child-bearing age.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

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  • When I did my NT u/s, after the Materni T21, they told us the sex and I told the radiologist that I already knew, because of Mat T21.  The radiologist asked why I even did the NT, since the Materni t21 was negative.  I told her I was worried about other abnormalities and was still considering amnio to rule out spina bifida.  She asked if I had been on folic acid prior to conception, I confirmed that I had.    She said that there was only a 1 in 8000 chance of spina bifida if you were on folic prior to conceiving.  I don't want to risk an amnio w/ a 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage, given those stats.  Anything can go wrong, you may have every normal test and then end up with an autistic child down the road.  I think that Materni T21 will eventually almost replace the amnio someday.  Do as much non-invasive testing as possible and think long and hard before doing an amnio, if everything else is normal. 

    I understand the fear, I am 39, and it's scary.  Also, talk to your OB about it.  

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