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Increase in spit up

Since DS hit 3 months I've noticed an increase in his spitting up as in him and I get multiple outfit changes each day. Just was wondering if anyone else has seen this in their babies. It's not projectile or excessive, just quite a bit more than his "normal" if there is such a thing with babies :

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Re: Increase in spit up

  • definitely us! I started having him wear bibs all day so it saves some of his clothes. It was hard to burp him because he does this grunting thing and will stiffen his body. We've started burping as soon as we get a chance and have seen an improvement. But I read somewhere that spitting up peaks at 4 months So it's downhill from here!...which in our case is a good thing.
  • Keep your eye out. Ours increased at 3 months too. Two weeks later we were having some pretty bad acid reflux to go along with it. He would arch his back while eating. We ended up getting prescriptions because of it and have seen drastic improvements. He still spits up, but not uncomfortably. I find tummy time is great for getting all the gurgles out! 
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  • I've noticed this too. I sorta just attribute it to all the excess saliva she's producing now.
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  • 3 to 4 months is when spit up peaks. It usually starts to get better around 6 months.
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