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I am almost 14 weeks and wondering when first time moms felt baby movement?!? I'm really lookin forward to it as I think it'll ease my nerves!

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  • I first felt movement that was unmistakably the baby around 15/16 weeks. It felt like someone was flicking me from the inside. :) Not at all like bubbles or flutters, though I know that's how some people describe it what it feels like for them ... to me that just describes how I feel about gas, lol!

    The wait is so tough, but just you wait, it will be worth it. :) Good luck!  

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  • JamieWMJamieWM
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    16 17 weeks I started recognizing flutters and pops which I has thought were gas bubbles in 14 15 weeks now he is a wild banshee and feel him all the time


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  • I was 16-17 weeks
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  • FTM carrying twins.  For me, movement became unmistakable at 20 weeks.  It felt like tiny muscle spasms.  I never felt "bubble" or "goldfish plops" or "butterflies."

    I was told by my OB that most FTMs feel movement between 16-20 weeks, but closer to the 18-20 week range.

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  • I am FTM, with anterior placenta so I felt the movements later then most. I am 23 weeks today and only have been feeling her consistently (pops and flutters) for the past week and a half. So around 21.5 weeks is when it started. Haven't felt an actual kick yet.
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  • I for sure knew I was feeling him at 18 weeks, but I think I was feeling him for a week or so before that. I just didn't know what I was feeling!
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  • I'm a FTM and just felt my LO for the first time at 17w5d. It felt like a strong kick, but ever since then I've only felt flutters.
  • TamjimmTamjimm member
    I'm 17 weeks and 3 days I first started feeling the little bump bump feelings about a week ago : the other day I felt I real big good one it was amazing and then haven't felt it again: everyone is different and our babies will give you that wonderful moment when they are ready! Congrats;
  • Only feet one or two flutters at 18 weeks. More consistent movement 20, and actual kicks at 22. 

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    FTM carrying twins.  For me, movement became unmistakable at 20 weeks.  It felt like tiny muscle spasms.  I never felt "bubble" or "goldfish plops" or "butterflies."

    I was told by my OB that most FTMs feel movement between 16-20 weeks, but closer to the 18-20 week range.


    Thank you for this!! I always wonder how it differs for mom with twins - but have yet to ask :)  

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  • pb&jojopb&jojo
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    Anterior placenta....so not until like 20 weeks...maye even 21 weeks...still don't feel a lot!
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  • Around 17 or 18 weeks, I was feeling very small movements. By 20, definite movements and kicks. At 24, I can see baby moving a bit from the outside and can feel her kicks from the outside :) hope that helps!

  • Definite flicks/pops 15/16 weeks.  Never felt flutters. My husband felt the strong kicks 19/20 weeks.
  • Flutters 18 weeks.
    Movement 21 weeks.
  • jdebaiejdebaie
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    20 weeks for me until I felt anything
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  • For me it was 22 weeks.
  • About 16 weeks. Hubs could feel at around 19 weeks.
  • My first pregnancy I felt movement at 17 weeks.
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  • I think at 17-18 weeks for me  but it's different for everyone!
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  • I was feeling little taps at 18 weeks. I have an anterior placenta so I wasn't feeling kick type movements until around 21-22 weeks.
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  • burmannburmann
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    I just barely felt it at 17 weeks....and at 20 weeks I felt a LOT more.  Now I feel it pretty regularly all day.  I'm a first time mom also.
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  • I felt the baby for the first time at 18 weeks but it wasn't consistent until 20 weeks or so.  You'll know it when you feel it! 
  • I'm 17w2d and I think I may have felt him but I don't know for sure. Could have been gas. I hope to know for sure within the next few days/weeks. :) I also have a softball size fibroid so that could end up being in the way of some of the kick/punches.
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