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S/O Weaning

Is anyone excited about weaning the little ones off of BM or formula? Miss C has about 3 or 4 six ounce bottles a day, but only finishes her first bottle of the morning and her last bottle of the evening. The other two, she will drink about four or five ounces. She is really excited about solids and prefers the taste of food over the taste of formula. I know I'll basically be trading bottles out for sippy cups, but I can't help but feel a little excited to stop washing bottles. She's got a great grasp on sippy cups and loves feeding herself. She will be 10 months on Saturday. Anyone else have a LO who is ready to make the transition?

Re: S/O Weaning

  • I'm ready! He's almost there. He's still loves his 3 bottles. Especially mid day and night time bottle which are all BM. I'm just ready to stop pumping so I can really get to loose weight. He loves his food.


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  • i am ready to stop pumping especially b/c in the last 3 weeks my pump output has been drastically less (like 3 oz total every 5 hours during the day)- i was drinking lots of water, taking fenugreek and brewers yeast this whole time too!!! thereforev i was only getting 10oz per day and DS takes at least 12oz while I am at work.  To add to the stress he wont drink formula (we tried a few).

    I dont mind nursing and want to continue nursing but i am so over pumping!!!- but i don't want DS to starve during the day.

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  • I haven't started the weaning off bottles/formula yet but YES it was so nice to get off the bottles/buying formula after DS1.  I cannot wait until I can store all these darn bottles away again =D.
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  • image LiliDragon:
    I go back and forth. She is bfing, and the stress it has caused me re: lack of supply, not enlighten weight gain etcetcetc was enough to make me quit six months ago. Some days I am so ready to give it all up, but then others I tell myself we will go until she is two. Ugh! I wish I were more decisive!

    I was stressed about supply too but I feel like I won't worry so much after one because it's not the end all be all. I am excited to be free of that worry.
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  • Can. Not. Wait.  I wish DD would figure out sippy cups so we could move in that direction.  I've given her sippy cups at every meal for like 4 months.  But DS didn't figure them out til about 12 months either.  At 1 I'm cutting her off & she's just going to have to figure out how to drink not from the boob.  More than 3 years straight of babies sucking nutrients straight from my body - I am over it.  I want to be free again.
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  • I'm ready to stop buying formula! Ds is great with a siopy cup so I'm hoping he transitions easy.
  • I wish!  LO still doesn't eat solids every day (offered, but not eaten).  she's drinking plenty of milk and i'm thankfully making enough still, but it would be nice if she would do more solids at some point.

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  • Yep, food is more a fun-way to let your baby eat. But still, remember that till 1 year , breast milk is still baby's no 1 source of nutrition. The most important rule I respect when feeding my baby is: first breastmilk and then solids. I first breastfeed and after one hour or so I offer solids, she's not taking a lot but still, breastmilk is the primary source when it comes for feeding. You should just make sure she gets enough breastmilk and find the right solids to offer. I use very different fruits and vegetables which I get from here:  . I think it's a great resource for weaning.

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