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We move Thursday. I have 90 ounces I will take with lo to my moms for the two days she is keeping him. She lives 2 hours away. I plan to just pack it in ice. Then my big 400 ounce stash will get moved to the new house. I plan to pack it in layers in the cooler with ice. It will be out of the freezer for probably 2 hours and then the freezer will have to get cold again. Any tips? Or have you used dry ice? Ah this is so stressful!

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Re: moving your stash

  • I would just put a layer of ice on the bottom, then BM, then a layer of ice on the top.  I don't see why you'd have any issues, just don't open the cooler and don't leave it outside in the sun, should stay frozen I would think.

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    Put lots of ice over the top of the stash and make sure your cooler is entirely full of ice. I agree with PP, as long as you don't open the cooler or leave it in the sun it should be fine. You can use dry ice if you're worried about it but I think you'll be fine w/ just 2 hours.
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