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Just curious if I am the only one but since I have been pregnant I sneeze all day long not sick just sneezing constantly. I read it can be a pregnancy symptom but it is my weirdest oneand annoying since my whole stomach tightens! Anyone else?
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  • I have been sneezing a lot more lately as well. Also doesn't seem to be associated with being sick. I have always hated sneezes because I feel disoriented after so I find it truly annoying that it happens so frequently.
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    I have more nasal congestion than I did prepregnancy and I sneeze a lot. I also get nosebleeds. My midwife says its all normal. My belly tightens when I sneeze... Then again it tightens when I laugh or cough too haha. RLP is fun isn't it!?

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  • Yep. At one point I would have sworn I could have sneezed the baby out bc it's not a small achoo, but a full body convulsion. I hate it!
  • Yes, same here! I have much more nasal congestion and sneeze more often and with great force! It's annoying, especially when RLP happens at the same time..ah the joys of pregnancy.
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  • Yes! I sneeze ALL the time now! Only in pregnancy.
  • Yes and sometimes multiple times in a row...which is something that never happened before.
  • I have had the worst allergies during this pregnancy and have been sneezing all the time!!
  • Yes.. Lots more sneezing..

    Just make sure you aren't laying flat on your back when you sneeze. I didn't know this and did and I thought my insides were ripping apart.. Then the next week the lady who runs the pregnancy class group I go to mentioned this! Turn to your side before you sneeze. I remembered to do that this morning.. Phew!
  • I glad it's not just me! I don't have any allergies and I'm not sick but I sneeze constantly. None of my friends had this so I thought it was just me.

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  • We just hit a rainy patch here so everyone's sinuses have been acting up. I sneeze in the shower, I sneeze washing dishes, I swear I'd sneeze in my sleep. I also have this tickle in the back of my throat that never goes away.
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  • I already had bad allergies and this year they're just awful between the high pollen levels and the pregnancy!  I sneezed so hard the other day while driving home my whole stomach and sides felt like they were tearing and I nearly hit my head into the steering wheel!  Best thing i've found to relieve all that congestion and allergies that's completely safe for pregnancy is Claritin.  Took it today after attempting to do some gardening which ended horribly (15 minutes and I was sneezing, eyes watering, hard to breathe, legs completely cramped up, back spasms, etc) and it did wonders.  Within an hour I was completely fine.  Good luck to you, hope you find something that works to stop it!
  • I'm with ya! I have tissue boxes all over the house. Getting some nosebleeds as well. Not sure if its from all the nose blowing or from being preggers.
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    It's normal. My nasal congestion is far worse during pregnancy, and I've never sneezed so much in my life!
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