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What do you do with your children during daytime appointments? I have an appointment with a medical specialist tomorrow and no idea what to do with the kids. My DH has important appointments with some clients that he can't reschedule. Right now I am thinking that I can take the travel system in, and strap DS1 in it during the appt and let him watch Dora on my phone, and let DS2 chill in the car seat?

Edit: I've exhausted my list of babysitters. Everyone has school or work.
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Re: Daytime Appointments

  • I take DD to most of my OB appts since they're short and routine, but for the dentist, specialists, etc, I always schedule for a Wed so my Mom can watch DD. So, I'd probably try to find a sitter/family member to watch the kids.
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  • I never take them to my appts. I use a combination of H, my neighbors and babysitters. I have a great network of SAHM neighbors and we switch off watching each others' kids. It has been a huge help with OB appts

    But even before we lived here, I had never taken them to one of my appts
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  • If you really can''t find someone it seems like bringing them is your only option.  That or rescheduling, but if it's a specialist I'm guessing rescheduling won't be very easy.
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  • Do what you gotta do.

    I hauled all 3 kids to the walk-in on New Years Day because I had a sinus infection.  I try to exchange with friends if I know it in advance.  I am taking a friend's kids to the zoo with us tomorrow while she goes to the dentist.

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    My mom can usually watch them, but if not I drop them off with a friend. I had to cancel an appointment last month because I couldn't find anyone to watch the kids. I have three though, and there is no way they would have even fit in the room with me, the doctor, and nurse.

  • I would either find someone to watch them or reschedule. If I'm going to a specialist I need to not be distracted by having my kids with me and I would end up distracted by their needs. 
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  • I may be crazy, but with the exception of an ultrasound and the dentist, she's coming with me.  I don't have babysitters available during the day.  If I can, I schedule late enough in the day when DH is home or super early and he'll go in a few hours late.  
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  • Depending on the situation, she comes with me or is watched by DH, MIL or my mom.  

    Do any day care centers around you offer drop in care?  I know there are a few places around here where you can just drop your child off for a few hours.   

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  • It depends on the appt.  If it's something that would be in-depth or extensive, then I'd only schedule it when I could find a sitter or someone to watch them.  I'd take them with me to an annual checkup to get my allergy meds refilled or to the lab to get my bloodwork done, but that's about it.
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  • roxy_jjroxy_jj
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    Before both kids were in school, I had a couple of babysitters that I used whenever I had an appointment.  The babysitters were both college students and I would try and coordinate my appointments with their school schedules.  There was one time when I couldn't find a babysitter for DS (DD was in school), so I had to bring him with me.  I made sure I had lots of snacks and activities to keep him occupied. 
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    I agree with do what you gotta do. I took DS in a stroller for a few appts. For the dentist, he went over to a friend's house. My H has Fri afternoons off, so I try to schedule then, but am not always able to.
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  • Your friends might havea sitter who could come with you and kids (then entertain them in the waiting room) or a day care provider with whom could have them do drop in. Schedule play dates with friends?
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  • I try not to take my son but sometimes I have to. Usually I can find someone, though. Either H or one of my parents will take a day off, or I leave him with my retired FIL, or one of my SAHM friends will take him.

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  • My H is off on Tuesdays or Wednesdays so I try my very best to schedule things on those days. Its rare that I can't get something on one of those days. 

    I did take DS#1 to nearly every prenatal appointment I had though, I just didn't have any other option at that time in my life. 

    I usually take both kids when one of them has an appointment (last year we were at the orthopedic dr. a LOT for DS#1's arm and DH was deployed that whole time).  And DS#1 usually comes along for DS#2's ENT appointments because it seems I can only get Monday afternoon appointments there..

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  • I bring them. I bring small toys they can play with and they wait. It's not a huge deal. I even managed both kids at the chiro before when ds was 14 months/dd was 2 months hough I wouldn't recommend that. 
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  • AA0417AA0417
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    If it is an appointment that he can go to, I take him. If not, I have a relative who has a daycare, so I see if she has an open spot that day if none of my other retired or college aged family members are free. As much as possible, I try to schedule them for Fridays as MH has Fridays off.
  • The only appointments I'll take them to is my OB appointments, and I do exactly as you say with the travel system.

    For dentist or other appointments, my DH or the babysitter will stay with them.

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  • If I'm in a crunch (DH can't get off work, no babysitter, etc.) then I take the double stroller and the kids go with me. They usually do pretty good with suckers/snacks and  playing on my phone. Not the ideal situation but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!  
  • Either DH, my Mom, or a SAHM friend of mine. It just depends on who is the most available during that day/time. DH can luckily be fairly flexible with his work schedule, so it's usually not a problem for him to go in late if I have a morning dentist appointment. If it's something else weird like a last minute dr. appointment or something that might take longer, then I'll usually ask my friend, or if she's busy then I'll typically ask both DH and my Mom to see who would have the easiest time getting off work. I seriously avoid having to take them with me.
  • If it is something like an MRI, I get a sitter because DS can't go in with me.  But for things like my PAP or a US, I put him in his stroller and bring toys and snacks to keep him occupied while I have my appt.  He's 22 months old.
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  • Break out the heavy artillery. Load some new apps on the phone, bring an assortment of goodies, and little toys. I'm sure you won't be the first momma to haul in kids.
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  • ta78ta78
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    My ILs are retired, but I still took DS to all of my OB appts and both to 2 since DD was born. I gve him some snacks and some books to look at and he doespretty well hanging out. I'd pull out my phone if I had to. I'm sure it will be fine. 

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  • If my mom, sister or MIL can't watch them I just take them with me and try to keep them entertained (video, coloring, snack...)
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