If your 3+ year old has/had an outdoor playhouse....

Did he/she use it a lot? What kinds of things did they do in there?

I've been wanting to get one for my 3 year old son (just turned 3 last week). They are expensive though and I'm worried he won't use it much.  

Re: If your 3+ year old has/had an outdoor playhouse....

  • Find one on a buy-and-sell site.  I belong to a local Facebook group where a lot of second-hand kids items are listed for sale.  People will often post "in search of" ads and there's always lots of responses.  I'd give that a try, at least if your son doesn't like it after you've bought it for him, you haven't lost a ton of $ and you can likely get back what you paid if you sell it on again.
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  • This is what we got DD2 when she turned 2 (sorry can't make it a clicky): It was cheaper than others I have looked at. She loves it and plays with it every time she goes outside to play. Even DD1 who is almost 7 plays in it along with their neighbor friends. 

    ETA: I forgot to answer what she does is there....She does a lot of pretend play, plays house etc with the neighbor girl or by herself. She sits at the table in the house and she is in her own little make believe land. She is one of those kids that can occupy herself with anything though.  

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