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more on feeding

DD is approaching 10 months this weekend. She eats 3 meals a day of solids, nurses morning and night, and has two 8/9 oz bottles. When should I drop a feeding and add more solids to a sitting?? Do you wait until the year mark and then start cutting and adding?
Eta: also, DD will drink water out of a sippy cup no problem. I've tried her formula and she's just not as into it. When do you plan on doing that transition?

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Re: more on feeding

  • I would wait for lo to drop bottles. The more food you add, bigger meals and snacks the less milk he'll have.


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  • at 10 months you should keep it this way: 70 % milk and 30% solids with a caloric intake of 560 kcal. I first breastfeed and after one hour or so I offer solids, she's not taking a lot but still, breastmilk is the primary source when it comes for feeding. You should just make sure she gets enough breastmilk and find the right solids to offer. 

    I'm not good at knowing what to give to my baby but i always find different fruits and vegetables,here:  there're specific for age. I use it and I had no incidents!

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