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Plans for today?

What are your plans for today? Is your H off today or just another day in SAH land? Any big celebrations? 


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Re: Plans for today?

  • We are making a Home Depot run for new light bulbs and air filters yay! We were supposed to have a party BBQ but DD was throwing up last night so we canceled.
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  • Our cookout was rescheduled for today, but my guy still isn't feeling good so we cancelled it. So, here's to being bored again today... I despise not having plans on a holiday.



    Forever blessed through adoption! 7-17-11
  • Headed to the pool this morning

    I have a guy coming by to measure my garage for our safe room install.

    I do get to finish planting in our little garden with the girls. They love helping me outside.

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  • jjt616jjt616
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    Going to Home Depot as well to get last minute garden stuff. Then finishing up our gardens and a family cook out at my parents


  • Another day in SAHM land.

    We may run to go get plants to put in our garden.  This is the typical weekend for it here in the frozen tundra.  I also need potting soil for 2 flowers DH got me for Mother's Day.

  • image Andrewsgal:
    We are making a Home Depot run for new light bulbs and air filters yay! We were supposed to have a party BBQ but DD was throwing up last night so we canceled.

    Sorry your LO is sick, hope it's nothing bad. 


    Forever blessed through adoption! 7-17-11
  • BBQ and maybe drag my dh to a play date so he can see what I do most if the day.
  • DH is home but otherwise a typical day for me. It has been raining ALL weekend and still is, so no fun plans.

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  • KateMWKateMW
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    We're cleaning out the closets at our old house, then having FIL, SMIL, BIL and SIL over for dinner. I'm sure I'm going to be exhausted.

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  • DH is off of work all week. It is my birthday so I am hoping to do something fun, but we are leaving for vacation tomorrow so I will be okay if it remains a boring day I guess.
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  • CnAmomCnAmom
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    It must be a Home Depot kind of day. I was planning on going today to get some container garden supplies. H is off today and as far as I know we're going to do some stuff around the house. We might go bbq with his family but no definite plans yet.
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  • jnksmomjnksmom
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    My parents bought a house they are going to rent to my grandparents and it needs some work. We are going to help paint for a couple hours. Then we will go back to my parents to swim and grill for dinner. 
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  • Beach and pool, then packing up and driving back home tonight.


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  • KC_13KC_13
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    Right now sitting at the y while my kids play/dh works out. I was supposed to be working out with him but it feels like someone is stabbing my uterus with a machete. Lol. We're going to the mall afterwards. We are supposed to go for a bike ride/picnic afterwards but I'm not sure I'm up for it. 
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  • Friday was my birthday and my dad and his wife have been here all weekend from OKC. It's been nice but we have run around non-stop so today I'm just making them brunch before they head out. Making a sausage, egg, cheese , jicama breakfast casserole and nutella and strawberry stuffed french toast rolls. 

    May is outrageously busy for us, I'm kind of looking forward to June. No birthdays, no anniversaries, no dr.appts, just Father's day. I think we are going canoeing too. I saw people already at the river this weekend but it's still really cold! We had snow this month which was a record for us.  

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  • We are also going to Home Depot today. Thanks to who ever mentioned the air filter.... I should replace that while we are there! We are buying garden stuff as well. Then it's home to plant the garden and catch up on house work.
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  • I'm hoping that DH will be up for a walk and a trip to the park with DS and I. Then my Mom and I are going to see Gatsby this afternoon. DH will take DS to my parents for naptime and Mom and I will meet up with them and BBQ at their house this evening. Three day weekends always go too quickly.
  • H is off today. We're finishing up spring cleaning, taking the dogs for a walk, and doing some yard work.

    I wanted to go to the pool, but I forgot to buy a swimsuit for me and ds. :/

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  • hjk5000hjk5000
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    Just hanging out and doing some more "nesting" type stuff. Then making dinner on the grill.
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  • It's rainy and cold here so we're staying in. My goal is to put a new bookshelf together, and maybe run out and pick up the chair I want for nursing MOTN with 2.0.

    Otherwise, just chilling 'round the house. We had family over yesterday for a BBQ so we could just be today.

  • DH is off today - it's rare but he made it happen! 

    We have a few family members in town and they are all at our house today to grill out and hang around the pool.


  • We went to a cook out yesterday, so today is pretty relaxed. DH is off from work, so we will be taking the dd1 bowling for the first time this afternoon (if they're open). I took the girls Target this morning, and we will probably play outside after lunch so DH can study for boards.
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  • Went grocery shopping and cleaned our the baby's room this morning.

    This afternoon we will head to a BBQ w my family. It's really cold out though so it will probably be very short.
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  • DH is off today, and it's thunderstorming, so we're just kind of hanging out having a lazy morning.  We are having lunch in a bit with some friends, and dinner with my mom and grandparents. DH's brother and SIL are coming into town with our nephew, but we didn't know that until after we had made plans with my mom.  We will have to try and work that out somehow...
  • FIL owns a cab company so DH is driving for him this morning.  If it's slow (which it should be because it's cold and rainy) he will be home soon,  We are seeing his sister, BIL and their kids before they head home.  If it's not too rainy after that I want to go downtown for a bit.  
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  • Just another day. Going to take DS to the park in a little while. 

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  • Just hanging out.  DS#1 really wants to go swimming but it is not that warm out yest :-/
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    Attempting to tidy up my house!  It's such a mess with DD's birthday toys and boxes plus just a general mess since we've been on the go since Friday.  We are also smoking some ribs for a bbq for just our little family of 3.  We may also clean the covered patio and patio around the pool to get it ready for summer time.

    Oh and I almost forgot laundry! woo hoooo!!!!!! 


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