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sleeping thru the night... at 2mths?!

Okay so I am shocked, and I don't want to jinx myself but DD (for the past 4 nights ) sleeps through the night, aka 6 to 8 hours. yes she wants to BF like crazy during the day but once she falls asleep at night, if I sit still while holding her for 15 minutes, she'll fall into a deep sleep... this just feels odd to me because I definitely remember DS doing the complete opposite. BTW who now loves to wake up at 5A every morning no matter how late he stays up the night before.... anyone else have a 2M who already loves to sleep at night?
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Re: sleeping thru the night... at 2mths?!

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    Yup! We've been really lucky... DS has been STTN off and on since 4 weeks, and for the last few weeks has only had a few nights when he's woken once for a feed. Knock on wood this continues, but he's 12 weeks today and I hear this week can be demanding due to growth spurt... Hopefully we can ride it out peacefully :-)
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    Noooo I am so jealous! Lol. What time is your last feed and when is your LO's bedtime? My DD is 8 weeks and sleeps 8 to 12ish, feeds around 12, then again around 3 to 4 and then she's up at 6. Every night I go to bed I hope she will sleep longer and she never does!!!
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  • well .. 2 hrs later & I've jinxed myself lol
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  • My DS will sleep anywhere from 6 to 9 hour stretches for the first night sleep and then 2 to 3 hours for the early morning period between 3 to 7 a.m. He sleeps in a rock n play at the foot of my bed. We worked really hard at putting him down drowsy but awake in the first few weeks even though it didn't often work.


    ETA he has always taken long naps at home, and is in the 95th percentile for weight 

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  • My LO started sleeping through the night consistently at 9 or 10. She is 12 weeks now and sleeps between 8 to 10 hours. If she ever does get up its at 2am for only 30 minutes
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    Noooo I am so jealous! Lol. What time is your last feed and when is your LO's bedtime? My DD is 8 weeks and sleeps 8 to 12ish, feeds around 12, then again around 3 to 4 and then she's up at 6. Every night I go to bed I hope she will sleep longer and she never does!!!

    Same here
  • My LO is 7 weeks and has STTN for the past five days. A few of the days she slept 11 to 5, yesterday it was 8 to 5 and last night she slept from 9 to 4  (then back to sleep 5 to 7). 

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  • DS slept through the night at 6/6.5 weeks from 9/10ish to 5/6ish. Then he got his 2mos shots and started waking MOTN again (coincidence or not?). And he's now starting to STTN again, with just a crying fit where I put the paci back and he falls back asleep. We'll see if a little trip is going to mess with this, or the 12 week growth spurt (unless he did that already and was why he stopped STTN).

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    My son slept through the night at 2 months. Enjoy it! It might not last.
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  • LO has slept 6-7 hour stretches since 5 weeks. Now at 11 weeks, she will sleep 7-6.  Well, she doesn't sleep the entire time, but for some reason when she gets up she just goes back to sleep..i think it's  because it's so dark there's nothing interesting. She's 13 lbs 5oz, and dropped MOTN feedings essentially around 8 weeks.  Now when she's up, she's up. If she gets up around 5, I try to feed her and put her back down. Sometimes she'll get up, babble for 30 minutes, fuss for 5, then go back to sleep. She eats every 2.5-4 hours in the day, but only 20-24 oz-she just doesn't seem to need more than that.

    Pretty sure it's genetic, and I don't have special magic witch powers though. My dad said I STTN pretty early on as well.

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  • My BF daughter did this - I was shocked! My DS is also BF but we are not so lucky, lol! He is giving us more and more 6 hour stretches of not waking up to eat t all, but DD was definitely a better night time sleeper. By the time I went back to work with her at about 11 weeks, she was sleeping 8 hour stretches all the time. Not my little guy though. :)
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  • DS2 has been doing 6 to 8 hours at night since 9 weeks. He is an awesomesleeper and is about to wake up from a 3 1/2 hour nap right now!

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  • Mine sleeps 9 hour stretches and then feeds n goes back to bed for another 5. I'm super lucky!
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  • It happens. DD was STTN at 6 weeks old all by herself. However, don't get too comfortable. It can change in the blink of an eye. Take what you can get and be prepared for change!
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  • For the past week we have been getting 9, 10, or 11 hour stretches with my 8 week old. Ever since this though he has been eating like crazy during the day I guess it's just the extra hours at night and this growth spurt but sometimes I feel like he's getting too much when he wants to eat so frequently. 
  • Don't hate me but DS2 has been sleeping a 6 hour stretch since he was one week old. I was worried about it at first but hes gaining weight like crazy and staying in the 90th percentile so his pediatrician said to just let him sleep. 

    My first was not like this though, he would sleep an hour at the most until he was almost five months, it was hell. 

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  • NO FAIR!!! My little boy still have not found a good sleeping habit. I put him in the between 10:30 and 11 for the night and he wakes up between 2-4.Then he goes back to sleep and is awake again by 7. 12 weeks yesterday and I am exhausted
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