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Clomid effect on lining?

This is my 4th clomid cycle, all 4 on 50mg, and the first time that it's thinned my lining. If I stop clomid after this cycle and switch to something else in the future if this IUI doesn't work, will my lining eventually recover to where it should be? In other words, I guess I'm wondering whether the damage is reversible? I'll ask my RE when I see her next, hopefully tomorrow, but this morning I just saw an ultrasound tech briefly.

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Re: Clomid effect on lining?

  • Have you had breaks in between cycles? My RE won't do more than three medicated cycle without a "break" cycle in between to allow your body to reset. Clomid/Femara/Letrozole inhibit estrogen receptors, so yes, your lining might decrease. But it can be just fine the next cycle. It's not cumulative. I had lower linings on clomid/letrozole- mine were always around 7. Now that I'm on injectable drugs, with no clomid/letrozole, my lining is fine. They can also give you estrogen patches to help bump up your lining.
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  • katib77katib77
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    Yes, it is reversible. I had poor lining that got worse with each of my three clomid cycles to wherr my RE said "never again"...and we moved on to injects. Now my lining is better than it ever was on clomid.

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  • rox825rox825
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    I have had a break in between, I did 2 in the fall and just started treatment again last cycle. I'll probably take a meds break after this one if it doesn't work to rest things, and maybe try injects next. Thanks ladies, I can sleep a little easier tonight!

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  • Definitely reversible, but it can be cumulative if you're really sensitive to it (like apparently I am!). Clomid takes 6 weeks to clear your system, which is why you may not see much of an effect the first round, but more of an effect the second (or third, or fourth) round. My lining got progressively worse, but after two break cycles, it's recovered to be perfect (in the words of my nurse!). But my doc has sworn me off Clomid forever now.

    Just make sure you don't do another Clomid cycle next month (though hopefully this is your cycle and there isn't a "next month" for you!). Good luck! 


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  • HalsingHalsing
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    Thanks for asking this - I had been wondering the same thing!

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