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I want

another baby! 

I have serious baby fever right now. We really can't afford another baby but I want one so much! Lo will be 1 June 2 and I want him to have a sibling so badly!

Someone talk me out of this crazy train I'm riding on. 


Re: I want

  • Baby fever is so crazy isn't it?? My DD just turned 1 last Thursday and if it wasn't for the fact that I am 28 weeks, I would be going crazy too. A lot of my May 2012 Mom's have baby fever and I think it goes a little something like this. 

    Last year, at this time, we/you were preparing for and waiting on the edge of our seats for this little bitty squishy baby to come out and meet us. It was so exciting and fun and so much love was just brimming at every turn. This year, while you adore your almost 1 year old and the improvements they have made, you are feeling the same desires and excitement as last year, but no baby to pop out! Plus, you are thinking back and wondering how on earth that squishy little face from 1 year ago is already toddling around saying words and being so BIG! It will make anyone reminiscent. 

    So, if that isn't a little too logical for you, it may at least help you to understand why you have the fever. If it sticks around a while, maybe warn your dh that he might be attacked by you. Yay sexy time!! 

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  • I wont be of any help. I want another baby too. By this time around last time I was very much pregnant with number two. We have to wait another year until I can get pregnant again since we are moving.. and I dont know how people are able to wait YEARS and YEARS in between babies. My mom had us all 8 years apart.. I couldn't imagine having kids so far apart.
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    Well, you may be on the wrong board. We are expecting number 2. We had discussed spacing 2 years apart and ended up pregnant a couple months shy of that. I think if I weren't already pregnant, I might have the fever too.
    If it makes you feel any better, when we told our neighbors, who have a daughter 6 months older than ours, that we were pregnant again, one of them launched into this long story about his wife's stepfather purposely spacing his kids far enough apart to never have them in college at the same time and then he married his wife who had two kids whose ages were in between his two kids and then they all overlapped in college. But the neighbor thought the stepdad was a genius for his spacing idea. Ok, we get it, you guys aren't having another any time soon. So, there is that financial strategy.
  • I have baby fever too. DH not so on board this time though. :(



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