Bathing suits

I have to wear nursing pads due to leaking. How am I supposed to do those with bathing suits at the pool? I live in the south so avoiding the water isn't an option too hot. My top has pads in it but I'm afraid that isn't enough and I'll have an embarrassing leaking moment. Help!!
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Re: Bathing suits

  • I would think if your suit is wet from swimming, a leak won't be noticable.

    But I usually use reusable cloth nursing pads for everyday wear, which you probably could wear with a bathing suit top as well.



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  • A pair of cloth pads is a good idea - just throw them in your top when you get out of the water, take them out before you go back in. 

     Lasinoh disposables might work too, they have a thin plastic coat on the side that faces your clothing, so the water from your swimsuit wouldnt soak into the pad.  


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  • If your suit is wet, no one will notice...
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