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Unproductive nesting urge

So I feel my nestin is very misplaced. All I want to do is make things. I want to make a new coffee table using wooden crates as well as do a project involving our last name. I have tons of energy and drive to do that but I'm on day two of operation deep clean and haven't gotten anywhere. I need to get my asss in gear. Just throwing this out here. Maybe admitting to y'all instead of just telling it to myself will motivate me.
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Re: Unproductive nesting urge

  • FWIW I have absolutely no desire to "deep clean". So it won't be getting done. The only nesting I've wanted to do involved getting the baby's stuff organized and since that's done I have no motivation to do anything. I contribute it to work stress and baby dropping into an incredibly uncomfortable position. Don't worry, it won't matter once you're in labor anyways :

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  • I hear you on the crafting thing. I have at least 4 different crafts that I'm working on at the same time. I'm hoping to get it done before Nemo's arrival in 10 days 

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    That's really interesting! Maybe as a crafty/artistic person you know that creating a little somebody is imminent, and you're feeling the urge to create in other ways too? I haven't worked on my graphic novel in months and months, but I'm feeling a strong urge to draw and do research for it, and I just want to take out my sewing machine and alter all my maternity clothes so they fit in the overbust/armpit area, and I want to churn out an assembly line of cloth toys for all the babies that have appeared recently in my life or who are set to appear. I'd actually much rather do this than wash our cat-hair-covered curtains....
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    I think you should go with what you feel like because you'll accomplish a lot more if you're excited about the project.  So you've deep cleaned a little bit--it's that much cleaner than it would have been!  Now you want to build--go for it!  This is come-and-go energy/inspiration that you need to use while you have it because you never know when it will disappear.

    Yesterday I built a little 'sidecar' cosleeper for our little one.  I was afraid it might take me weeks, but because I was in the mood, I completed it in one day! (And I'm wiped out today...) 

  • I've decided to work on one room a day. Maybe ill get more done when my summer layoff starts
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