introducing WCM

we stared about 3 days ago, and she simply won't take more than a few sips, and puts down the sippy.

any tips to get her to like it better? just keep offering it to her? should i add BM?




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Re: introducing WCM

  • Following because we are having the same issue. She spits it out.
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  • What is your goal in introducing WCM?

    I'd just keep offering; if you're still nursing 3 or more x a day, your child's dairy needs are met. DS doesn't drink much milk, but he eats other dairy (yogurt, mostly) and still nurses. I don't pump at work and he never really took a bottle at all. I went back when he was 12 months.

    You could also try flavouring it - yogurt shakes into WCM easily and changes the taste. 

  • My LO will take her bottles if they are 4 ounces BM, 1 ounce WCM at daycare. We haven't tried increasing the WCM amount yet.

    She won't drink any milk out of a sippy. (BM, WCM or goats milk). 

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  • I was planning on being done pumping at 12 months, I work part time and that's about 8-10 bottles a week and one night time bottle.

    I plan to nurse until she self weans but the pedi said she should have three sippy's of milk a day when she is 1 and we are trying to introduce them now per his recommendation. 

    She eats 3 meals a day and nurses on demand. I am just afraid that on a day that I work 8 hours she will be starving for BM. 

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  • She won't starve. She'll miss you, and she'll nurse like crazy when she's back, but it won't do any harm. She may also take WCM better when you're not around than when you are.

    As for the pedi saying she *should* have 3 sippies of milk, this assume you've weaned. I wouldn't worry about it. You don't need to pump, and you don't need to wean. Toddler nursing is so easy compared to the beginning. 

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    Our pedi/LC said when we are ready to transition I nurse when we are together/give water at meals and have a freezer stash for DC for another monthish that there's no set amount LO should drink of WCM. Some babies like it and drink it right up and others don't like it so mucho and not to worry if they don't drink much.
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  • she has gone down to 2 solid BFings a day, and 1-2 'snack' feedings a day. i am glad that i can just give her yogurt/cheese too. (which i planned to do)

    my worry was more like, if she wasn't getting enough from me, then she probably isn't getting much from the WCM either since she doesn't drink much of it. but i offer it to her, and she will drink water just fine from a sippy. so it isn't the 'skill' but rather the milk itself she seems to be unsure of.


    thanks for the advice ladies!


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