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We still have plenty of time to decide but are trying to come up with a name for our first! The middle name will be Douglas after dh dad who passed away 4 years ago. So far we like Colton, Trent, and Austin. Any other suggestions that aren't too "out there"?!

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Re: Boy name suggestions

  • I like Austin.
    Other suggestions
    Everett, Leo, Joshua, Benjamin


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    I like Austin! I don't hear it much at all! 

  • Carter





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  • Not a fan of Trent. Colton and Austin are fine, but NMS.

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    My favorite combos would be:

    Cole Douglas

    Beau Douglas

    Miles Douglas

    Finn Douglas

    Jack Douglas

    Cash Douglas

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  • I like Colton and Trent. I also think Ethan, Bradyn, and Hudson would go with your mn.
  • All 3 names are good, but I think the best sounding combo is Trent Douglas.
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  • I like Trent!

    Corbin, Graham, Isaiah, Bennett or Brady?

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  • I def have to say Austin Douglas.. Austin is one of our picks also
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