Trouble latching and sucking

Sorry if this is a repeat--no time to read through/search.  LO is 5 days old and half the time nurses beautifully.  The other half the time he either latches but doesn't suck or sucks on anything but the boob and refuses to latch.  Last night I sat up with a hungry baby for 2 hours while he rooted and sucked on his hands and sleeves but refused to latch on.

 Any hints on helping to get him to latch when he is hungry and calm but refusing to do so?  Or on getting him to suck when he actually does latch on?

I know he is eating well (lots of wet and poopy diapers), but it would be nice to be able to feed him during the night and go back to sleep rather than sitting up half the night waiting for him to eat.


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Re: Trouble latching and sucking

  • Maybe try pumping or hand expressing for a minute to get the milk flowing a bit so when you put him to your breast he tastes it and knows there's food there? Might be worth a try...
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  • Babies have trouble latching when they're upset. First, try to calm him down.  Also, remember it takes babies time to learn how to nurse.  They might be ok, then need some more training.  It's GREAT that he's doing such an amazing job.

    Also, are you engorged at all?  Babies have trouble latching when mommas are.  My LC told me to pinch my nipples, softly, to get the nipple ready for a latch.  Also, like the PP, expressing just a little milk so the baby can smell and taste the milk to recognize you are trying to feed him.

     Lastly, you need to relax, too.  Lots of nursing mommies get tense when their babies are hungry and crying.  Check your shoulders, are they tensed up around your ears.  Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and speak softly to your baby. He'll figure it out... it's really tough to be 5 days old :)

     Good luck tonight!

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