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Wool and Fleece

Is wool better? Fleece is definitely cheaper so I'm leaning toward that but I'd like it to work and would spend the money on wool if necessary. Also, are wool soakers made from reclaimed sweaters as good? Or is it best to get a soaker specifically made to be a soaker. Also, am I correct in my thinking that you can use these instead of a cover? We're using Bummis covers and they're leaving terrible marks around my DS's legs. We pretty much only use the covers at night, are they waterproof enough for nights?

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Re: Wool and Fleece

  • I have not used fleece and haven't done research on it, so I am no help there. However, I do use wool covers and really love it! I've purchased two off of etsy, which I believe we're made from refurbished sweaters, and they both work great! Daytime I use only prefolds and night I use prefolds plus a soaker and I rarely have leak issues. The lanolizing took a little patience to get used to and get a good method down, but it paid off and I really love my wool! I'm planning on purchasing some fitteds to use at daycare with them and am also starting to make my own covers.
    If you look on etsy, you can find some pretty decent deals. Better than what I've seen in actual stores. Also, if you are worried about cost, you could try OS so that it grows with LO.
  • Fleece was useless for us.
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  • image yodasmistress:
    Fleece was useless for us.

    This is what I figured. I will order a couple of sweater wool soakers. Thanks!

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