Black flecks in poop

DD is 10 weeks and EBF. About two weeks ago I noticed these black/maroonish flecks in her diaper. She also had some diapers that looked mucousy. It lasted for about a week and then went away. We brought in a diaper with the black for her Dr to see at her 2 month appt and he didn't seem that concerned. He said it looked like blood but was one of those baby things that would resolve. After that her diapers looked normal but now they have black in them again.

Anyone have experience with this? I eat a good amount of dairy, which I read could cause this, but I don't feel like the amount I eat varies that much so I don't know why the black flecks would come and go. DD doesn't seem to be in pain or anything. She's a fussy baby and tends to cry a lot but I can usually get her calmed down relatively quickly. She never spits up and doesn't seem any gassier than any other baby. Thanks for your help!

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Re: Black flecks in poop

  • My LO has had blood in his poop for about a week and a half. His is not black though . Its regular red. My understanding was that black/dark blood indicate something different than red. The Dr in the er concludedafter xrays of his bowel which turned out normal that he may have an allergy to cow's milk protein and suggested that I cut out dairy and I have for one week so far. He still has blood in his poop... I read that it could take weeks to clear out any cow's milk protein within both our bodies. My little guy is otherwise healthy and happy as well.
    I would ask for an xray to rule out anything serious.
    Good luck! I hope you get it figured out!
  • This is exactly what we had right before DD was diagnosed with milk protien intolerance. I noticed it would get worse the days after I had lots of dairy. It took about a month to completely resolve.
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  • My LO had this as well and was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. I have been off dairy since Monday. GL
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