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Describe your LO right now

Describe your LO right now. 

Hadley is "cleaning" everything within her reach with a diaper wipe, nope just dropped it to play with a punch ball. She's getting sleepy (which I'm thrilled about). She looks pretty sloppy, wearing boys Old Navy navy shorts and a Life is Good shirt that slightly too big. 

What's going on with your LO right now? 


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Re: Describe your LO right now

  • AA0417AA0417
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    My LO has tried to clean our dogs with a wipe before. I think he is just a touch older than Hadley if I recall correctly.

    Right now, he is riding on his dump truck, which is not actually a ride on toy.
  • DS is watching Agent Oso and playing with his Whirly Bird.  I set the timer for 10 minutes.  He needs a bath before a birthday party in a couple of hours. 
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  • She is curled up with Lovey under her arm, Blankie tangled around her legs, and her paci falling out of her mouth lol It's only 620 here, she's still asleep. 

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  • They are all watching Sofia The First. They've been up since 5 AM on the dot, and I am dying. My son is in a long sleeved shirt and a diaper (he is refusing pants). His twin is in leggings and a t, and my oldest is dressed in soccer uniform, even though we don't have a game. Go figure.

    They are all being quiet at the moment. 

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  • The girls are playing with their pool sandals from last year that are too small. They love shoes. The oldest is griping at the middle to take her shoes off the carpet. This happening while DH makes breakfast and I nurse little. We were going swimming today, but rain has changed our plans, boo.

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  • DS is eating a cracker while watching someone mow their lawn from our front window.

    DD is sitting on the floor playing with a tape measure, measuring everything around her.
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  • Taylor and Dylan are playing play doh at the table, rambling as they play together, cut play doh, use cookie cutters, etc.

    Alex ditched them to go downstairs to play webkinz on the computer.

  • We're nursing on the couch in the living room, and she's forcing me to kiss her teddy over and over and over again. She's still in her stripy lion pajamas (it's only 7:00 am here)

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  • DS is eating breakfast actually throwing most of it, but I'm pretty sure he's pooping so we'll have to take a breakfast break shortly.

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  • Tally06Tally06
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    DS is wearing his PJ top and diaper. He sitting on H's lap and "helping" him on the computer. Poor H. 

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  • roxy_jjroxy_jj
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    DD is eating cereal and DS is still sleeping. 
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  • I'm watching DD on the monitor- so far she has rolled to her tummy, tossed everything off of the little table we have by her crib, then rolled onto her back and again onto her tummy, which is how she is now sleeping. She has never slept on her stomach before and I'm happy she's doing it for the first time while I have my eye on her.
  • CnAmomCnAmom
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    They're both on the couch with H watching Blue's Clues. DS1 is wearing his soccer shorts and DS2 is wearing a shirt that says "Hug Me I'm Awesome."
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  • She's playing "dress shop".. she took 40 million hangers out of her closet, and she's hanging up all her dresses all over the house, and putting "price tags" on them all (you all should shop at her store, she's charging between a penny and $1 for them all) and then making H and I go through and pretend to pay and pick what we wanna buy :)
  • I'm exhausted thanks to the 3 hours I spent wide awake and in pain in the middle of the night so I just convinced him to hop on the couch and watch a show. So he's having his waffle and fruit smoothie on the couch watching Daniel Tiger. He's naked currently.

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  • Hmmm. Ds2 sitting with me on couch with pjs, drinking from cars cup with yellow straw

    Ds1 is stripping and getting dressed.
    CJ :-)
  • DS is in his crib sliding his hand along the slats like he is in prison. Also, babbling and shrieking at the dogs on the ground.

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  • He's sleeping in the fetal position with his arm on his forehead, and his pacifier half way hanging out of his mouth. He's wearing an orange shirt with a burger riding a car on it, and a diaper. It's his morning nap.

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  • Youngest is happily playing in the bathtub.  I'm excited to put him in his new shirt grandma bought him yesterday for his birthday.  It's Jake and the Never-land Pirates which he LOVES.  He finally took notice of it this morning and smiled and smiled and looked at it and carried it around for awhile.  DS#1 already had a bath (they bathe together 99% of the time, and in the evening, but DS#1 woke up early and had a bedwetting accident so he got put in there right away and then after DS#2 finally got up he kept pooping and i was tired of him stinkin'!)  DS#1 is running around eating a donut and watching Jake and the Never-land Pirates, funny enough.  I guess they both like that show really. 
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  • She is licking the butter off her toast with one hand while shoving eggs in with the other.

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  • KateMWKateMW
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    She's curled up on the couch playing with her iPad.

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  • DS is standing on the back of the couch watching DH do some weed whacking in the front yard. He's alternating between knocking and waving and crying to go outside. He's currently dressed in sweatpants and a cute camo tshirt. He'll be getting a bit more dressed up later for our family Memorial Day cookout.
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  • GastroGastro
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    With his dad in the kitchen eating toast with butter and fried egg. He also just discovered he can step on the handles of the drawers to try and climb up the counter....yikes, not sure how we are going to manange that.
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  • MrsMuqMrsMuq
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    DS is alternating between trying to chew on my foot and trying to chew on my poor dog's tail. Needless to say, he's teething pretty badly and his stomach hurts to boot.
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  • DS1 is sitting at the kitchen table eating a snack of raisins while watching Franklin ( a ploy to keep him quiet while DD2 is napping).  He's wearing a flannel red checkered shirt & khakis.

    DD2 is sick with a fever today Sad  She's on nap 2 of the day after a really terrible night of sleep.  She's wearing a long sleeve onesie & her brother's hand me down pants.

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  • Right this minute, he's wearing a pajama shirt with rocket ships and is naked from the waist down (we just PT'd about a week ago, so it's easiest to let him run around half naked). He's listening to Pandora toddler radio and swinging a bug net magnet around (from this puzzle) and jumping off the couch.

    Pretty standard morning in our house, actually.


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  • They're both napping. =) Coffee and Bump time for Momma!!

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  • Alex is upstairs sleeping in his crib. He likes to sleep with his butt in the air and it is so very cute. He has had a tough day today so I hope he is in a better mood after his nap.
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  • DD and DH are cuddled on the couch watching ridiculousness. Not my idea of appropriate but they are laughing their butts off. Dd is wearing a stripped grey t shirt and striped purple pj pants. I need to redress her in a few mins so we can go to a BBQ.

    She is also holding three stuffed animals.
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  • My LO is sleeping next to me with her right arm flopped across her body. She's wearing a gray jumper, green onesie, and pink leggings. She eyelashes are really getting thick and dark. She has been a sad kiddo today. Her 6th tooth has started popping through and she's so frustrated. She is chewing everything in sight when she's awake. Her favorite new toy is an empty plastic water bottle. She loves chewing the cap and making it crinkle. 

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