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Limit water intake?

DD will be 6 months old next weekend, and we've been giving her a straw cup to play with for about a week now (during dinner time).  I usually just put an once or two of water in it (enough that the bottom of the straw is covered).  

Well she surprised us at dinner last night and has apparently gotten the hang of the straw concept - which is much faster than we were assuming it would happen.  I don't think she actually swallowed most of the water (since we watched it run down her chest, onto the high chair tray, etc), but she got a lot of it out of the cup.

Now that she can actually use the cup, do I need to limit the amount of water she has daily?  Do you all limit your LO's fluid intake (for things other than BM/formula)?  I would put BM in the cup, but watching it all run out of her mouth and go to waste would make me cry haha!


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Re: Limit water intake?

  • We were told no more than about 4oz of water a day until around a year.  You don't want them to fill up on water instead of BM or formula and water intoxication is serious and doesn't take much water at that age.  After a year it's no longer a concern.
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    An ounce or two is no big deal as long as she's still getting formula/BM. You could always put that in her cup if she's good at drinking out of it. It's not that they have to get it out of a bottle. DS took to sippy cups early too and he was a breeze to break from the bottle. By 11 months he only had a bottle at night and drank his formula from a sippy. We cut the night bottle around 11 1/2 months and never looked back.
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  • i actually don't give LO very much water at all. i give it to her only when she has the hiccups and even then, i give her only like, 1oz if that.
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