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XP: Update: DD is here!

I'm a mommy! I had the Csection right on time on Friday. The delivery staff was great but it was super overwhelming with how many people were involved. DD was born at 10:48am, weighing in at 5 lbs 1oz. I only got to see her briefly before they whisked her away.

However, she's been doing great! I feel like my recovery has been slower than I anticipated but I think it was due to the bed rest prior to the CS. I was becoming desperate because I wasn't able to see her until yesterday evening. Thankfully, DH spent a good deal of time with her and was even able to hold her briefly yesterday. She's been doing so well that she's already been taken a step down from the NICU. She still needs help with breathing of course but her blood work has been clear and they were able to stop antibiotics. BS is good!

I've been pumping religiously with nothing yet but I knew to expect that. I'm super excited because they said we can start kangaroo care this morning. I'm hoping that'll kick start something into gear.

And a question for the BTDT GD mommies, how did you know that your GD went away after birth? The dr's here told me not to worry about it and I'll be tested again in 6 weeks. But, I'm still getting the GD meals. I also don't want to overdo it and totally shock the system. At any rate, I'm not having any cravings at all surprisingly! The thought of sugar isn't even that appealing to me right now.

But curious as to how it worked for you? TIA!
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Re: XP: Update: DD is here!

  • Congrats on your new addition!  I hope skin to skin helps her breathing, your healing, and you milk :)
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    BFP 12/02/12, u/s @ 6w,5d showed 2 HBs! Identical twins!!
    Bed rest from 21w-35w due to short cervix, hospital bed rest from 23w-32w due to PTL
    Our rainbows were born 07/19/13 (36w, 5d)

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    I am not sure there is a way to tell 100 until you get your 6 week pp glucose test done, but I had leftover testing supplies and can still get my prescription filled for a couple months, so I am still testing randomly.

    Congrats on your baby!
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  • Congratulations, how incredibly exciting!!  It sound like things are going very well, and you will continue feeling better each day after your c-section.  Enjoy the kangaroo care today, you will literally melt when you hold your new little baby :)

    Expecting twins! Put on strict bedrest at home after preterm labor at 22 weeks. Hospitalized at 22 weeks and again at 29 weeks. No more please!
  • Congrats on the new baby!
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  • Thanks all! When DH stayed with me, he got the regular meals and they were either not very different or mine were better so I don't really mind the GD meals right now.

    We named our DD, Gisella. Looks like I'm moving over to the preemie board now.

    For all the HR mommies, especially the GD ones, in the most simplistic terms, hang in there. Every moment of frustration or boredom is another moment you get to keep your baby safe inside of you. Every bland meal or snack is another opportunity for a happy, healthy baby. Good luck and best wishes to you all! Thank you for the support, answers, and encouragement when I needed it.
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