Oh nomastitis question!

Today my breast has been tender, sore to touch, red patches that are hot. I called doctor, and he says definite infection, and prescribed penicillin. I was wondering, if yiu have gas mastitis, what antibiotic dud they give? I am nervous about thrush. Woukd yiu wait to see if I develop an infection?

Re: Oh nomastitis question!

  • I personally hate taking antibiotics whether I'm nursing or not. I would suggest trying everything you can to get that clog out before taking the meds. 

    Some really good advice can be found here: 

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  • I don't take it unless the fever comes. Try to work the lump out unless you have a fever. If you do have to take it, try eating yogurt and taking probiotics.
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  • It makes sense to me to take the antibiotic to clear the localized infection. If you wait until you have a fever, you're allowing it to get so bad that your whole body has a response to the tiny infection that originated in your breast. I think you risk too much by letting it go, such as not being able to feed your baby because you have to sit in the ER for 5 hours, etc. Probiotics are not going to treat an infection. Their purpose is to restore or maintain the balance of healthy bacteria in your intestinal tract. Probiotic intake AFTER antibiotics makes sense, but it will do nothing for an infection in your breast.
    If your dr has recommended the antibiotic, take it. Just don't STOP taking it when its feeling better.

    I hope you feel better soon!
  • All the above. Take it and now. I had mastitis so bad I had to have a lemon sized abscess surgically drained then a catheter in my breast with a drain bag for almost 2 weeks. I won't go into the wound from that leaking milk while healing another 2 weeks.

    Don't screw around with it!
  • They gave me penicillin for it.  My LC told me to take a probiotic and avoid eating a lot of sugar/carbs while on it to avoid thrush. 



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  • Im currently on Keflex. Fever set in last Sunday. It was aweful. Im still not sure that I have the whole clog out. My skin is so raw from working on it. Myself and my boys have thrush too, so we are being treated for that. We are taking a good probiotic and plan to stay on it after. We had the thrush before the mastitis so it wasn't the antibiotic that caused it.
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  • I automatically took acidophillus when I had to take antibiotics.  It helps with everything, including the side effect of thrush!


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