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What formula to buy?

Following up on post below....looking into formulas right now and overwhelmed.  We do already have two at home thanks to free samples and gifts...one if Similac advance, the other is Earth's Best Organic.   Not sure if anyone has used those.  A mom friend of mine swears by the Emfamil brand however, and online Emfamil gets better reviews than Similac.   I would Ideally like to use the organic formula but not thrilled with their ingedient list - milk is not the first ingredient but instead whey is, and they has syrup solids in the organic, as well as added DHA which is a bit of a controversy anyway...


What would you use? 

Re: What formula to buy?

  • I've always used Enfamil since they mailed me two free sample canisters and DS never had any trouble with it.... I guess marketing works. :P

    I have always used breastmilk and formula from the beginning. DH always talked up the benefits of breastmilk AND formula throughout my whole pregnancy... breastmilk for obvious well-known and touted reasons and formula for nutrients like iron. I didn't get my pump from my insurance until 7-8 weeks PP so I used formula when we went out. Now I pump at work daily (10-13 ounces) to cover the next workday and nurse when I'm home. DS gets a bottle of formula 0-2 times a day depending on his hunger, what I've got in the fridge (I never built a stash), or if I want to have a drink. 


    ETA: Whatever you choose, please don't beat yourself up about using formula. Despite my husband's glowing endorsement of using formula and breastmilk I felt bad for awhile. Luckily not too long... because I've taken all measures to keep my supply from dipping and I anticipate being able to BF my little one all the way to a year. It's not all or nothing. Whatever I can get in him is good! Quite honestly, having the formula option handy takes a LOT of pressure off of you and your supply.... perhaps not stressing about how much you're pumping because you know your LO will have enough to eat with formula will help your pumping output! But even if it doesn't, 8ozs is great! When I first started pumping I was lucky to get 6oz total all day at work! We used quite a bit more formula then!

    Ugh... my long-winded, rambling point is that formula or milk your baby will be happy and healthy and that's what matters.

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  • I am going to have to wean earlier than I intended and I have to make a formula decision come 6 months. It really is overwhelming! I am currently looking at Gerber because its supposedly closest to breast milk. I am curious to why you said there is a DHA controversy? Everything I've read recommends it.

    ETA the EBObwebsite says the whey/casein ratio is nearly identical to breastmilk so I don't see how that's a bad thing.
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  • Cows milk can be very hard for young infants to digest. I think you have it backward. Whey and soy are easier.
    We has to supplement in the beginning. Enfamil gave C major runs and gas. We ended up doing the Similac Sensitive with soy. Worked well. Not a lot of spit up. FYI though that gas may be an issue especially sat first so grab some gas meds too just in case.
    Good luck!


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  • I saw Similac now makes a formula for breast feeding moms that supplement. Didn't look much into it- just saw it on the shelf. Both my babies use/used Similac AND enfamil with no problems. I actually switch back and forth depending on coupons/sales. I have no issue with either. Enfamil has a lighter texture and mixes a little more easily, but it's not a big issue between the two.

    I know Organic is a popular option nowadays, but I do wonder about using products from a smaller company. I can probably be disproven, but similac and enfamil are used in hospitals even on NICU babies where nutrition is so important and calculated down to the last calorie. I just feel like more patients have used them, more research has been done with them to make them more like breast milk. Just my 2 cents. 

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  • We started with  advance after Jack was born and it just didn't work for us so we switched to gerber gentle.  It got so many great reviews from my friends and online.  He does great with it, although his farts and poo smell terrible now!  


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  • jcar2jcar2
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    We use Similac Advance as they started DS on it in the NICU so we continued it. I am interested though in the Similac Supplement. I wonder what the difference is.
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  • We had a lot of issues with formula in the beginning, starting at 1 month. Working with DD's pedi, we tried several different brands in an attempt to help with her colic and tummy issues. We used Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber. Gerber gave her horrible gas and she screamed for something like 6 hours straight. In the end, Enfamil has been the best for us. It helped us through and out of colic. She only occasionally gets tummy pain and gas. I use the checks they send out, and I have yet to make a purchase without one. I think its really trial and error, pick what you're most comfortable with, but make sure you're open to switching should you have a tummy sensitive LO. Each baby is different so I don't think there's one right answer.
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  • image jcar2:
    We use Similac Advance as they started DS on it in the NICU so we continued it. I am interested though in the Similac Supplement. I wonder what the difference is.

    I've heard it's exactly like Similac Advance. Someone on one of the months board compared the ingredients list in the store.

    OP, everyone in my family suggested Enfamil when I switched and it does seem more popular. DS was really gassy and spit up a lot on it so I tried the Similac Advance sample I had and he did really well with it. Now we use the Target version of it.
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  • jobiannjobiann
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    every baby us different. we started with similac advanced but switched to enfamil at 6 weeks. at 6 months I'm switching to the parents choice brand.

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  • Similac and enfamil are like Pepsi and coke, basically the same thing marketed by different companies. Everyone has a preference, but I always choose the store brands when available.

    All formulas are held to the se FDA standards.

    I was at the store last night and I noticed that similac had the supplement and another gentle formula. I didn't look at them but I'd bet they're just a marketing ploy.
  • Jen748Jen748
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    We use the Target version of infant formula. Love it and it's cheaper!
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  • I used Enfamil at first but then switched to Similac since that's what they give you on WIC. He seemed to do better on Similac tho.
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  • DCKateDCKate
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    We've had great luck with Gerber Goodstart! And I second the mama above about using formula. I physically couldn't produce enough and DD was dropping weight really rapidly. I felt horrible for too long about using formula, but my daughter is happy and healthy and so am I. Best of luck with whatever you choose.
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