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OND House Size

Besides the fact that having multiples, it takes time, money and energy. I've also thought that our small 3 bedroom ranch would be tight with 2 kids. No guarantee that they'd share a room for long or ever. DH is in school right now and he needs the 3rd bedroom for homework/his space... I seriously think if we added to our family we would need to move or add an edition to the house. Just thinking of other things people have to trade in/modify to add to their family. Do you think of the long term such as, "If we were able to stay in the first house we bought we could have it paid off by now." Also, "We could be retired by now." We have worked hard to get where we are (haven't we all?) and I don't want to make things even harder.

I don't know why I feel like I have to justify this decision, but that's the sort of thing that runs through my head... often!!

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Re: OND House Size

  • I had someone ask me when we were having another baby and I told them when they buy us a bigger house.
  • Yea, really! They can volunteer to come clean it too :)
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  • Also, I am so upside down on my house that I couldn't sell it if I wanted to. Luckily, I love my small house and huge backyard.
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    I'm right there with ya. We have a very small house at 850 sq. ft. but with lots of yard so we could add on if we wanted to. But we did a 15 year mortgage which is a big deal and not really done by people my age in this area. We live in a really nice quiet suburb of Los Angeles and most people in their early 30s can't afford to buy and do a 15 year. I have no shame saying we paid $300k for this TINY house in this really HCOL area. But we love LA and our families are both within 5 miles, we grew up nearby, and my job is Los Angeles based. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

    The good news is our house will be paid off when we're 47! That's a big deal for me. And that's if we don't take our more loans to add on for another baby. Being able to free up the money we pay to our mortgage while E is still in HS is HUGE for us. It will make affording college easier, we'll be able to travel and retire earlier if we want. It's all worth it to me!


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  • We do want to move closer to work as DH and I now work at the same place. Funny that we're currently commuting 45 min. - 1 hr. each way. (We don't usually commute together though.) I wish we could pick up our 3 bed/ 1 bath 1100 sq. ft. house and move it to our neighboring city where work is! For now we need to stay in our house for at least a few more years so that we at least break even on the deal. Fortunately we don't HAVE to move, but it would be nice when the time is right.

    My ideal house would be 3 bed/2 bath, living room plus den/bonus room (i.e. man cave.) 

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  • We have a pretty small house also. I like it, low maintenance and we will have our mortgage paid off sooner then our friends with much larger houses. I look forward to not having that payment every month and being able to use that money for travel!
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    I can totally relate! We have a smaller size home as well. DH and I just remodeled our living room ourselves and it turned out great. We let DS "help" . Our home would definitely be too tight for my comfort if we went from a family size of three to four.

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  • Well idont justify my decisions really...not sure if we are one and done but leaning towards it! 3br is quite big. we have a 1300sq 3br/2.5 ba TH and basement with guess room and are ok.

    Project turn man cave into man/cave playroom is happening next month:) 


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    We'll probably move when it comes time for DD to go to school (we currently live in a city with really horrible schools).  However, I'm hoping that we move to a relatively small house with a good floor plan.  I don't need a big house, and it will just be the three of us.  As long as there is decent storage space, I'm happy.
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  • We bought our house as an investment primarily. Before we had DS, we thought we might entertain the idea of having two children so 4 bedroom & 2 baths would be fine. Now that we are OAD, we realize the house is way too big. It's about 2200 sqft. It's on the market as we speak. 

    Being OAD of course changes the real estate game for us. We will feel very comfortable with a smaller house. No need for many extra bedrooms or space. It's just one of those great benefits. I'd be happy with a 2 or 3 bedroom house now. We'll be very happy & won't have to worry about "growing out of" it.  

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  • We are the opposite. We just bought a new house in December, 4 bed/3.5 bath with a finished basement. What I like the best is that DD basically has her own little wing upstairs - bedroom, playroom (that will eventually be her study room), bathroom. We have our master suite and an office upstairs also (I use the office to run my side job - I am a consultant with a direct sales company besides my full time job). The basement will eventually be the man-cave/bar/home theatre. :)

    The real reason we bought this house though is because the neighborhood is like a modern day Leave it to Beaver! There are kids in every house and no fences so on the evenings/weekends we can just look outside and see kids playing and running through the yards! It's awesome.

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  • My situation is a little unique to this board as I have two SSs as well.  They are 19 and 17.  Our house is a little crowded at the moment.  It works great with one child (when we only had SS1 it was fine).  We have a five bedroom/three bathroom house.  SS1 is in the finished basement.  I think once we get SS2 down there as well it will be much better.  We can confine all their teenage boy things to one floor (unused by us).  We are going to add a bathroom for them as well.

    DH wants very much to get a larger house now.  We have such a short time left with the boys that I don't want to do it.  I want to pay this off.  I want to be comfortable which is why I agreed to be OND with LO.  We enjoy dinners out, vacations, etc.  I told DH that if we have a larger house after the boys move away, we will need to have another baby.  DH is 100% done after LO.  Thus, we are still here. 

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  • We live in a small house, but I do wish it was a 3BR instead of a 2BR.  We don't have plans to move in the near future, but eventually we would like to move into something a little roomier, but not too big that we feel overwhelmed.  What I really want is a spare room for either an office or a play room so we're not tripping over her stuff as much!
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