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Lots of questions!!

-Has anyone started rice cereal yet? I have been giving LO 1 1/2 TBSP of rice cereal in his bottle at his last feeding of the night (at 11pm) and he sleeps in  his bassinet until about 10 the next morning. He had a taste of pureed carrots about a week ago and LOVED them!! BUT is it too soon for him to try baby food? Should I keep him on the formula for now? And when do you know when they are ready to try baby food as a "meal" rather than formula? 

-Is anyone else teething yet?? Holy fussiness!! He is drooling all over, and is just generally unhappy at about 5 or 6 in the afternoon, and the ONLY thing that calms him down is to walk with him. I cant feel any teeth popping out yet, but teething is the only thing I can think of that would be causing this. I have offered him teethers, my fingers, I even bought Sophie the Giraffe and he wants no part of any of it! He just wants to cry :( Any suggestions?


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Re: Lots of questions!!

  • I can't see siggies because I'm on mobile. How old is your LO? The absolute earliest age that babies should get any kind of solids is 4 months, and it is generally recommended to wait till 6 months. Also, unless directed by your pediatrician for something like reflux, my understanding is that you should never put rice cereal in a bottle because it's a choking hazard.
    Formula or breast milk should be a baby's main source of nutrition until at least one year. Solids before then are just for fun and practice. They should not be given as a "meal" until the baby is a year old.
    I have no advice on teething, sorry.
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  • Everything she said. Except that I have read that it is now not acceptable to give solids until 6 months. It has been determined that even 4 months is to early.

    As for teething I have been told that a Baltic amber necklace or bracelet could solve all your problems. The amber releases an acid from body heat that is absorbed and acts as a analgesic.


  • For teething, we give homeopathic "Camillia". It comes in 1 ml sterile doses and it seems to ease some of the pain. 
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  • It sounds like you just have a normal baby, not necessarily teething. I think a lot of babies have that evening fussiness, especially if they don't nap well during the day. It seems like parents just want to blame their baby's fussiness on something, and teething is the culprit at around 4 months. And as far as solids go, we are waiting until st least 6 months, as our pediatrician recommended.
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