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My Katharine is here (XP from PgAL)

Short version: After suffering an ectopic pregnancy last May, my rainbow baby girl, Katharine Aileen, was born vaginally on May 23 at 2:20 am at 40w5d following 2 doses of prostaglandin gel induction. 7lb9oz

Reeeaally long version: I guess it's true to expect the unexpected when it comes to having a baby and, as everyone says, not everything always goes as planned. This was the case for me. I prepared throughout my pregnancy for an unmedicated childbirth and one that was as intervention-free as possible. I ended up with a chemical induction and an epidural.

At 37 weeks, I had a pre-e scare and was pulled from work and sent to the hospital for evaluation. I was induced with one dose of prostaglandin gel the following day when the 24 hour urine catch showed severe pre-e. After discovering the reading was a mistake, the induction was stopped and I was sent home.

My MW wasn't comfortable with me going past 41w, so I was scheduled for a p gel induction on May 22. By that point I was so ready for my rainbow that I was fine with it.

After the first dose, contractions hit hard and fast and I dilated to 4cm. After receiving the second dose, I was 5cm and admitted. Kate ended up being posterior, so I experienced excruciating back labor. I labored in and out of the tub for 8 hours until DH and I decided to call for the epidural. I was pretty crushed, but I was panicking and tensing up and not allowing my body to do what it needed to do. When I was checked again prior to the epidural, I had only progressed to 5.5cm.

Once I received the epi, it was immediate relief. My contraction pattern was strong and baby looked good. Then at about midnight, my MW returned and said we could push. I pushed for 2 hours and suffered a 2nd degree and two 1st degree tears, but nothing mattered once my sweet angel was placed on my chest. Her cord was short so she couldn't get all the way up to my breast right away, but I was able to stroke her and talk to her while I was being stitched up.

We had a little struggle figuring out latching (and a real peach for a baby nurse who was clearly frustrated with us which didn't help) but we got the hang of it and now she wants to breastfeed constantly.

I could not have made it through this journey without you ladies and I am so thankful for all of the support I have received. PgAL is a tough road sometimes and navigating it was possible thanks to all of you.

Now enough of the boring stuff, here is my precious angel:


BFP #1 – 4/14/12 – EDD 12/16/12 - ectopic pregnancy – MTX 5/11/12

BFP #2 – 9/2/12 – EDD 5/17/13 - our sweet rainbow DD born 5/23/13

BFP#3 – 1/5/14 – EDD 9/12/14 – natural m/c 2/16/14

BFP #4 - 8/11/14 - EDD 4/24/15 - please stay, little BOY!


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