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Dropping a nap

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My LO will be one in two weeks. He has always taken two naps a day. the past week or so he has been fighting his morning nap. He usually goes down about 9:30-10:00 but lately I put him down then (after looking tired) and he will fuss and roll around/stand up in his crib for sometimes up to 45 min. Then he finally falls asleep. Then his second nap he takes a long time to fall asleep again. He is not teething and no signs of sickness. I know this is some what early to drop a nap, from what I have read its usually about 15 months when they might drop one. MY LO has done everything earlier than most so I am not sure if that is what he is doing. Any one else going through this or has a LO who dropped a nap?



Re: Dropping a nap

  • Both of my girls dropped to one nap around a year.  We were out of the house several mornings per week, so I'm sure that contributed to them dropping it sooner than most kids.  Anyway, DD1 was able to go to one nap at 1pm right away.  DD2 liked hers at 11:30.  It took until she was almost 2 before I could push it to 1pm.
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  • My DD took two naps until maybe a couple months ago? And she's almost two, haha. I've just counted myself lucky.

    Anyway, those were pretty much the same signs I knew she was ready. Also,  when we went to just one afternoon nap, it was so much better than even the two naps combined. Sometimes she still gets tired around her old first nap time, so when I see that, I just suggest that she rests on the couch for a bit.  

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