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No Memorial Day weekend plans?

Who's not doing anything fun this weekend? DH has to work all weekend. Im home taking care if the kids. I'm trying to think of something we can do in the evenings, maybe we'll just BBQ and enjoy the warm weather.

Re: No Memorial Day weekend plans?

  • We've got no plans. Oh, and it's not even warm. We're just laying low, I guess.
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  • We have a wedding to go to today (I don't even know the people getting married- nor will I really know anyone there except for DH).  Other than that, we have nothing planned.  Plus, its supposed to be kind of cold and rainy.... hoping it will warm up a little by Monday so maybe we can do something.  Oh well.


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  • We are in the same boat, DH works today and Monday, and LO and I a birthday party to attend. Other than that, it's a normal boring weekend. :)

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  • Me and DS are just playing in the backyard right now.
    DH will be home shortly.
    As for the rest of the weekend, we're going to celebrate FILs birthday, hanging out and relaxing.
    And I'm drinking.
    Graduating in 2 weeks leaving me feelin stressed!!!
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  • n8swifen8swife
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    We aren't doing anything. I had surgery this week so I'm still recovering. The weather is kind of crappy but I'm getting a little bummed just sitting at home.
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  • Our weekend is pretty low key, too. H is at a wedding in Florida that J and I decided not to attend (we're in PA), and he won't be back until late tomorrow night. We visited with relatives this afternoon, but tomorrow I am teaching lessons as usual, and Monday will just be H and J and I, since H will have just gotten home. I'm definitely not complaining, though!

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