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did your baby skip crawling?

DD has been rocking on her hands and knees for a little less than a month now. she'll get on her hands and knees, rock a little bit/sometimes try to move, and just ends up laying flat on her tummy. after a couple weeks of that, i put her in the crib and she tries to pull herself up. every time i put her in somewhere or she's near something she can hold onto, she tries so hard to pull herself up. she ends up getting on her knees and i feel like she prefers to put in the effort to pull herself up rather than try to crawl. 


just wondering if your baby was like that too and if so, did she eventually crawl or skip it all together and ended up pulling up/walking? 

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Re: did your baby skip crawling?

  • My DD did that before she started to crawl.  She could also stand up and hold on to something around 4 months.  She started the rocking on her hands and knees around 5.5 months then went to an army crawl around 6.5 months and full blown crawling at 7 months.  And 7.5  months was pulling up.  So that means she's close to crawling!  Good luck it gets harder once they're mobile!  But it's def. entertaining.
  • DD did that, but she did not skip crawling.  She started getting on all fours and rocking around 6mo.  At 7mo she started pulling up and would walk while holding our hands.  She started cruising furniture a couple of weeks later, then crawling at 8.5mo and walking at 11.5mo.
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  • My little man is more focused on trying to pull up on things than getting into crawling position, lol. He does flail his legs trying to go forward while doing a push-up, but if he's near a vertical surface, he'll try to grab it and pull himself up. He's still not quite cruising, but he's pretty stable when standing still.
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  • Dd is rocking on all fours and has been since 5 months, she started army crawling at 5.5 months and just now at 6.5 months pulls herself up. I know she'll crawl up on all fours eventually too. I think your LO is doing the normal timeline of figuring out she is strong and working everything out. I'm sure she will crawl, but right now she thinks pulling up is cooler :

    Eta dd2 has also been getting up on all fours but with her feet on the ground, like downward dog yoga position. Dd1 never did this so it's pretty amusing. In not sure what its developing. Dd1 didn't walk until 15.5 months despite sitting and crawling OB the earlier side if things. I'm not sure if these are indicators that dd2 will walk on the early side...which for my thinking would be a year.

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  • My LO does rock and try to crawl, but he finds it easier to roll instead. He is also much more interested in standing up and walking. He will take steps when we hold his hands and he loves moving in his walker. I bet he will probably skip crawling and go straight to cruising and walking.
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