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Feeding Frustration - help!

Our DS is almost 16 weeks and has been having some feeding difficulties that is driving me up the wall...I need your help!

First of all, we're breast and formula feeding. I'd prefer to be breast only but it seems like I don't make as much as he can eat at times.

One of the biggest problem we're having is that he spits up almost every single time he feeds. This wasn't the case before! To add to that, he hardly ever burps anymore.

Then add to that, he does these whiny grunts almost alll the time! And often times when he does, he straightens out his body with such strength so again, it's hard to get him to burp.

When he spits up he gets hungry soon after and here we go on the insane cycle again.

I wonder if it's a 4 month-old thing or something we're not doing????!!!!!


Re: Feeding Frustration - help!

  • Oops! I mean to post this to the Feb 2013 Moms page :/

    Not sure anyone here has a a16 week old just yet. :)

    At any rate, let me know your thoughts, especially if you're a STM and have been through this before!!

  • Actually, I have a 21week old...he was a preemie due in march so I post here...

    My doc explained that with the burping it can be harder to burp an older baby but they are more active and can work the bubbles out more effectively. She said I should still always try to burp until he is completely setting on his own.

    I also give bm and formula. Are you still nursing? Does he spit even after nursing? My LO has silent reflux. His issues...not really spitting but choaking, gaging, worse when we startrd adding formula. I asked the ped about switching to a sensitive formula. She felt the reflux was the problem and not the milk. We began adding a very small amount of cereal to his bottles and that fixed our issues. But I would definently ask the pedi what might help because feeding problms are so stressful for the both of you.

    Good luck to you!
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  • Thank you so much!! That really helps, if anything, making me feel more normal. I want so much to help him and figure him out but it's like there are so many variables that could be the problem...

    He's getting to the stage where we can try rice cereal. I'll ask the dr. what he thinks when we see him next Friday.

    Again, thanks!!!

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