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It's been two months

My Dh and I miss Henry so much, and yesterday was his two month mark. So...... we decided to go out and have fun (which we never do). We found ourselves at a country bar, even though we don't like country, and drank (a little too much), watched people line dance, and ate chicken wings. lol It was an experience, but now I am saying........... Too much Tequila!!!! I'm glad Henry can look down and see his parents happy. I feel like I've been sad for so long. I miss you ladies.


Re: It's been two months

  • I truly admire your strength. Stay strong!!
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  • mal922mal922
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    I can't imagine what you are going through, but admire your strength. I had a really hard time when my father passed away but, as much as I loved him, I know losing my son would be much harder. With the loss of my father, it did get better over time, especially when I allowed myself to be sad and once I felt like talking to people about it, which took awhile for me. You and your family are definitely in my thoughts and prayers as you work through this difficult time.
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  • Prayers! I cannot speak to your loss, but in general I believe if we can find a way to make it such a wonderful thing to honor the lives of those we miss by living. It does not mean we don't hurt for them, miss them, or love them any less. At least this is how I have tried to live since I lost my dad. Living and loving my family honors him in a way I know he would be proud of.

    Hugs and Prayers to You!
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  • I am so glad you were able to honor his memory by going out and doing something productive. Life must go on for the living, no matter how hard it is. I am so glad that you are able to do that, especially because you have your other beautiful children to live for. I think of you often and wonder how you are doing. There have been many nights that I have leaned over to check Ella's breathing and kissed her head for Henry.
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  • Thank you all. You ladies have really helped me. More than you know. 


  • You are an amazing person.
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  • image gee313:
    You are an amazing person.

    Thank you gee313. All these comments make me tear up. Y'all are great.  


  • I think of you often and admire your strength. I'm glad that you and DH were able to get out and enjoy yourselves a bit. I can't imagine what you have gone through. You deserve so much happiness and peace. I hope you can continue to heal as time goes on. Take care and please keep sticking around! :)
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  • Thank you guilletskichuk. I will. 


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