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Still not showing

I am almost 17 weeks and I do not really have a bump! I am chubby to begin with so I know that can cause it. In the morning I defenitely do not have a bump but by bed time there is a slight one. Anyone else? This is first pregnancy!

Re: Still not showing

  • I'm on my first baby. Overweight and all I have showing is an extra spare tire. I've lost weight so the spare tire is not from weight gain. I'm going to be 17 weeks tomorrow. I can't wait to start showing!
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  • I didn't really start showing until I was 20 or so weeks with my first. I'm barely showing at 15 weeks this time. It will happen.
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    Don't worry..I'm almost 17 weeks and hardly anything also. With my 1st I didn't start to show till 24 weeks so I'm not surprised with this one and its another girl too. Your bump will come...just sux as people keep saying " we'll you don't even look pregnant" ..Thanks I guess??

    I've gained 10 lbs already and wasn't over weight before so I'm just waiting to pop out! 

  • I'm chubby and not really showing either,it's also my 1st. I've read if you are taller it will take longer to pop, add overweight to the mix we're looking to
    Pop at about wk 20...I really want it to happen sooner too!
  • I'm also 17 weeks tomorrow. My belly just looks like it has lost it's shape. No real bump, but can't keep my pants buttoned. I know it has pushed out a little but I'm still in the phase where I look like I hit the buffet a few too many times. ;
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